Career expert warns against 'blindly trusting' job, managers at work


‘Coworkers are NOT your friends!’: Career coach warns against ‘blindly trusting’ job, managers at work

'Don’t go the extra mile neither just do the bare minimum.'


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Posted on Dec 3, 2023   Updated on Dec 5, 2023, 1:19 pm CST

A certified career coach is warning people about putting their trust in managers, co-workers, or the jobs they’re in.

The issue of trust, and how to navigate it in the workplace, came from TikToker Terry Jones (@trainerterryjones), going up on Nov. 21 and getting more than 1.9 million views as of Sunday.

It begins with a stitch from Rachel Pedersen, asking, “What’s one mistake you learned the hard way that you can now help people to avoid?”

Jones responds to that with, “Blindly trusting the people that you work with.”

He then elaborates, “Do not trust your manager, the job, or the company to do anything that they say they’re going to do, unless it’s in writing.”

He dispensed even more advice about putting trust in your place of work and your co-workers in a caption.

“In today’s professional world, remember: Trust, but verify,” Jones counsels in the caption. “Collaborate, but protect your interests. Your colleagues and managers might mean well, but actions speak louder than words. Always seek written documentation for important agreements. It’s not just about distrust, it’s about being smart and safe in your career.”

Commenters had thoughts about how to operate in the corporate world, underscoring what Jones was saying.

@trainerterryjones #stitch with • Rachel Pedersen Don't In today's professional world, remember: Trust, but verify. Collaborate, but protect your interests. Your colleagues and managers might mean well, but actions speak louder than words. Always seek written documentation for important agreements. It's not just about distrust, it's about being smart and safe in your career. 📝🔒 #WorkSmart #WrittenProof #CareerAdvice #trainerterryjones ♬ original sound – Terry | Certified Career Coach

One exclaimed, “Coworkers are NOT your friends!”

Another, in the same vein, noted, “Never share personal information with your coworkers and managers. Everything you say they will use it against you. Lesson learned.”

Someone else elaborated, “And don’t trust people you work with, don’t vent to them, don’t talk about personal life. You never which one will stab you in the back.”

One shared a personal story, writing, “Man I told 1 coworker I wanted to quit and they ran to the manager,” adding, “She called me asking if I was.”

Another counseled, “Be friendly but don’t get too comfortable!”

One responded to that, “I was an over share-er ugh. I was so angry with myself. Your silence is your peace.”

Someone else brought up social media, saying, “Don’t let coworkers follow you on social media.”

Another advised, “That’s why you find them first and then block them.”

However, one reported that you might be expected to extend your work relationships into online platforms.

“When I was fresh out of college I had a manager give me a negative review because I wouldn’t add her as a friend on FB.” That commenter then added, “She was NUTS.”

Update 1:20pm CT, Dec. 5: Jones is a certified career coach by the National Career Development Association and the International Coaching Federation. He told the Daily Dot, when reached for comment, that he doesn’t make videos with the intent they will go viral. “I just create content that would have been helpful for me and that I hope will inspire and be helpful to others in corporate America,” he said.

A number of the commenters warned against making friends with co-workers or “oversharing.” “A lot of people have been burned by being too trusting and not having their guard up,” Jones said.

“I would say that they have the right to be guarded, but I would offer to find a balance between being cordial and friendly to make for a great working space and leave the gossip, oversharing, and personal conversations to your friends and family after work,” he added, arguing there is benefit in creating great working relationships with your co-workers. “I do see the benefit of creating great working relationships with your co-workers. I think it makes the work more productive, improves the work climate, and makes the day go by better.”

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*First Published: Dec 3, 2023, 1:00 pm CST