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‘This exact thing happened to me while getting a slurpee’: Restaurant customer buys drinks at the bar before her table is ready. She gets ‘humbled’

'This kind of stuff always happens to me when I’m traveling.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Dec 5, 2023   Updated on Dec 6, 2023, 9:54 am CST

An influencer revealed her “humbling” experience at a restaurant in a now-viral video.

The video featured popular TikToker Coco Mocoe (@cocomocoe) sitting in her car. “This is a PSA. If you’re ever going to a restaurant, don’t buy drinks at the bar before getting your table with the same card that you plan on using to get the food,” she warned.

From there, she recounted the “humbling” encounter. She explained that she invited her entire family to a “really expensive” restaurant called Ola to celebrate reaching 1 million followers on TikTok. While waiting for her table, she bought drinks for herself, her friends, and her boyfriend. On the drinks alone, she spent $30. When they sat for dinner, she and her family went “all out”—and Mocoe intended to cover the bill.

The server took her card when it was time to pay. Then, she returned with upsetting news. “‘It didn’t go through,'” she whispered to Mocoe. “I’ve never been more humbled before,” Mocoe stated. Fortunately, her mother came to the rescue, covering the $500 bill. However, Mocoe was confused, as she had enough money in her account. Then, her boyfriend offered an answer. “They probably flagged your account for fraud,'” he explained. 

Shortly after, Mocoe received a text from her bank stating they had “detected fraud.” Moral of the story? “Make sure you don’t spend money at the bar and then go to the restaurant unless you want to be humbled in front of all your friends and family,” Mocoe concluded. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Mocoe via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment. The video garnered over 101,000 views, and viewers cracked jokes in the comments section.

“It’s givinggggggg #WellsFargo,” one viewer joked.

“It’s giving Chase bank w the 30 minute message delay lol,” another quipped.


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In addition, others shared times they’ve been in a similar situation.

“This exact thing happened to me while getting a slurpee,” one viewer shared. “I had to call the bank in the 7-11 cuz I already drank some of it.”

“This kind of stuff always happens to me when I’m traveling last time it was too many Apple Pay transactions,” a second commented.

“This happened to me during a late night target run so I tried to use my circle $ and it wiped it out,” a third recalled.

According to Captial One, several things can trigger a fraud alert. “One of the easiest ways to trigger a fraud alert is using your card on vacation or when you’re traveling for work. But an alert can also happen closer to home if you’re spending money in a ZIP code you don’t usually visit. Most people generally shop in the same areas, and it can set off red flags if you suddenly change your pattern.”

The website continued, “Most people are pretty consistent with their spending, so if you suddenly make a big change in your habits—like buying a new fridge—it could trigger a credit card fraud alert.”

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*First Published: Dec 5, 2023, 10:30 pm CST