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‘So stay silent the whole time’: Car salesmen share what you should ‘never’ say at a dealership

‘“So, stay silent the whole time.’


Grace Fowler


Posted on Oct 10, 2023

A car salesman went viral on TikTok for sharing the things you should never say while at a car dealership.

TikToker Raffi (@raffimoosh) posted the video last month, reaching more than 259,000 views and 15,000 likes on the video. He frequently uses his platform to post videos related to car sales.

The Daily Dot reached out to Raffi via TikTok direct message.

@raffimoosh If you're trying to buy a car, DO NOT say these things!! #cardealership #carbuyingtips #carsales #carbuying #dealership ♬ Tokyo Drift – Xavier Wulf

In the video, Raffi asked multiple of his coworkers, “What’s something you should never say at a dealership to get a good deal?”

The first worker said, “That you’re pre-approved.” One viewer, @yaeyae7272 left a comment disagreeing with this saying, “I’m coming pre-approved from my credit every time.”

“No one said don’t be pre-approved… just don’t say it until you work out a deal,” Raffi responded back.

Another viewer, @dexterleeboxer, backed up Raffi’s comment by saying, “I got pre-approved before I went and didn’t tell them, got all these discounts and upgrades, then hit him with the pre-approval, salesman was posed!”

“Exactly how it’s done,” Raffi responded.

The next worker in the video said you should never tell a salesman that you are paying in cash.

“Car dealerships hate cash, they can’t hassle a cash buyer as much as they hassle the finance buyers,” user Nancy Calderon (@nanzcal11) responded in the comment section. 

“Never say I don’t care about the interest rate,” another worker told Raffi. 

“You should never say I’m just shopping around, that gives indicators that you’re not ready to buy anything today,” another employee said.

 Viewer Noah Gerson (@grsn67) responded in the comment section saying, “a true salesman will turn an ‘I’m just looking,’ into a, ‘congratulations on your new car’.” 

Tips from other car salesmen included being knowledgeable of how much you have left to pay off on a car loan and to remember a car salesman best sales price may not be the same as yours.

“Soooo what should we say?” user Amber(@eternally_exquisite) joked in the comment section.

The top comment on the video received more than five hundred likes.

“So, stay silent the whole time,” @armoredxsaint13 concluded

When viewers ask Raffi what they should say at a dealership, Raffi responds, “I’ll make a video on that soon!” 

According to NPR, car dealers don’t have the best reputation among the American public, but state laws largely require consumers to buy new cars through dealerships. Manufacturers themselves used to sell cars directly to consumers, but through years of lobbying mom-and-pop dealerships were able to get the law on their side, requiring manufacturers to sell through dealers.

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*First Published: Oct 10, 2023, 11:45 pm CDT