Boyfriend says he has to change his girlfriend’s coolant, can’t believe how lot it is

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‘She said she’s just a girl,’: Boyfriend has to change his girlfriend’s coolant, can’t believe what he sees

‘It can mess up your engine completely.’


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As the summer continues to heat up it’s important to keep tabs on how hot your car is running. An overheated engine can lead to all sorts of problems and might even lead to a complete engine failure according to Firestone Complete Autocare.

One couple narrowly avoided the risk of severe damage to a vehicle when the boyfriend noticed how dry his girlfriend’s coolant reservoir was.

TikTok user ur_krule (@mf_krul3) posted a video to his account showing just how starved of coolant the car was. The six-second TikTok of his refilling the empty reservoir has racked up a staggering 3.7 million views since it was posted on June 23.

The video, which Krule captioned, “she said shes just a girl,” shows the reservoir being filled —presumably by Krule himself—while a screen text reads, “my gfs car after giving her coolant (it was empty in 100 degree weather).”

Audio is heard of someone speaking in the car’s “voice” saying “Thank you for saving me! I was so thirsty!”

What does coolant do for a car?

Coolant regulates the heat in your car’s engine so that the energy it creates doesn’t overheat it. As a Valvoline blog notes: “Since the internal combustion engine generates energy through the process of burning fuel, portions of this energy in the form of heat inevitably end up being harnessed by the engine and its parts themselves. The rest is emitted through the exhaust system.”

Why does coolant get low? And how do I check it?

Coolant can run low for a variety of reasons, most notably leaks. However, coolant can also evaporate over time or slowly seep out due to old hoses, clamps, and seals, according to Automovill. Most car blogs agree you should spot-check the levels twice a year and especially just before it gets hot out in the summer.

It’s important to look for signs that your coolant is low, especially in the heat of summer. Toyota of Clermont recommends checking the level of your reservoir regularly — most reservoirs are clear plastic and have a visible “full” line.

A dash light or a high reading on your engine temperature gauge can also indicate that you should check your coolant levels.

A smell can be another indication. According to Toyota of Clermont, “Because of the antifreeze in many coolant types, there’s a sickly-sweet smell attached. If you catch a whiff or an air of it, it’s probably leaking somewhere.”

The video brought out comments by viewers who were also having maintenance issues with their cars.

“My bf changing my oil and realizing my brakes literally don’t work today,” Lover of all your mothers (@she.s_miyett) wrote.

Another viewer added, “Me when I literally had no oil, coolant, and very little power steering fluid.”

@mf_krul3 she said shes just a girl #girlfriend #woman #cars #fyp ♬ original sound – novak/renée

Kayla (@hgb.kayla) offered the following advice on how to detect when your coolant is getting low. “Psa: coolant is what keeps your engine cool while you drive your car. If it’s empty and you continue to drive it can mess up your engine completely. You can tell it’s getting low or empty when the little hand on the C and H scale with the little wave in the middle (google it) surpasses that little wave point. You shouldn’t let your coolant get to the second line going more towards the H.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to ur_krule via comments on his TikTok and Instagram accounts for further comment.

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