Customer mobile orders Burger King. His Hershey Pie is covered in mold

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‘Burger King, that was very disgusting’: Customer mobile-orders Burger King. His Hershey Pie is covered in mold

'Just imagine the mold was not noticeable.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Aug 24, 2023

A Burger King customer on TikTok is calling out the fast-food chain after claiming to have received a Hershey Pie that was covered in mold.

In a video posted by TikTok user Erick Nunez (@ericknunez154), the TikToker shows the pie in question, which he says he received after placing a mobile order.

“When I opened it, it was like that—with mold,” he says, showing the pie. “And it smells very bad.”

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At the end of the video, he writes, “Burger King, that was very disgusting.”

“I mean just imagine the mold was not noticeable but it was inside,” Nunez added in a comment. “I would’ve probably eaten it and gotten sick.”

An article on the topic for the Cleveland Clinic notes that, if one accidentally ingests mold, they will likely be OK. However, according to the Cleveland Clinic, “In certain cases, the mold found on spoiled food could be dangerous, so if you suddenly develop symptoms such as shortness of breath, nausea, an elevated temperature or diarrhea, you should immediately seek medical help.”

That said, this isn’t the first time that TikTok users have complained about the quality of Burger King’s food. In July, a user on TikTok alleged that their Hershey Pie also arrived with mold. Before that, another user sparked a discussion after claiming that her Burger King chicken sandwich arrived with raw chicken.

Needless to say, commenters weren’t too thrilled with Burger King given Nunez’s experience.

“Omg that’s so disgusting,” stated a user.

“Report them to the health department,” said another.

“Sue them,” wrote a third. “that’s nasty.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Burger King via email and Nunez via Instagram direct message.

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*First Published: Aug 24, 2023, 1:45 pm CDT