Burger King's McDonald's killer chicken wrap is here

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‘McDonald’s is gonna regret ever taking the Snack Wrap away’: Burger King drive-thru customer calls out BK Royal Crispy Wrap

‘Why did McDonald’s even take snack wraps away????’


Kahron Spearman


A woman has gone viral on TikTok for saying Burger King’s newest menu item will bring the heat onto its biggest competitor.

The viral clip comes from a TikToker named Katie (@katieonthene) and has garnered over 862,000 views.

@katieonthenet Time will tell… @Burger King @McDonald’s #snackwrap ♬ original sound – katie

“If these are good, McDonald’s is going to regret ever taking the Snack Wrap away,” Katie says, leaning into the camera. 

Remember the beloved McDonald’s wraps that were discontinued a few years ago? If you’ve missed them, Burger King is currently offering a similar item called the Royal Crispy Chicken Wrap. Customers can choose three flavors: Classic, Spicy, and Honey Mustard. 

In the comments section, viewers asked Katie for her thoughts on the new item. “Girl if you don’t post a review now,” one commenter said.

@katieonthenet #stitch with @katie for all the snackwrap lovers head over to @Burger King ♬ original sound – katie

“Run,” Katie says in a follow-up video. “It’s really good; I’m not done yet, but it’s really good.”

“I gotta try this. I miss the snack wrap sooo much,” said a commenter, hitting on what Burger King is likely hoping to capitalize on with the wraps.

Katie posted another follow-up, teasing the possibility of a fuller review.

@katieonthenet Replying to @(*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ) i may do a full review of all three flavors in reviewbrah formst later #bksnackwrap ♬ original sound – katie

“I got the classic one, and it was really good,” she says. “It wasn’t exactly like a snack wrap, but it was as close as you could probably get without it being a snack wrap.”

Commenters said they’ll be trying the new item.

“I was upset when Wendy’s got rid of theirs. They brought back a different one. Now I gotta try BK,” one commenter remarked.

Another made alterations to attempt to recreate the original Snack Wrap. “I got mine without tomatoes and put shredded cheese on it at home,” they said. “Tasted the same as a snack wrap to me.”

The Daily Dot contacted @katieonthenet via TikTok comment and Burger King for further comment. 

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