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‘I need to stop working so hard’: Burger King worker says she is being asked to be manager even though she doesn’t want the position

‘This job was supposed to be a stepping stone.’


Beau Paul


The old saying goes that some people are born great and others have greatness thrust upon them. One TikTok creator experienced such a dilemma when she shared she was asked to join the management team at her job working at Burger King.

@baldhead_nay posted a video on July 12 that has since acquired 1.7 million views. In it, she expresses her honest feeling about what she deems a dubious honor.

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“Why is the manager finna talk to the [general manager] about making me a manager?” she asked her viewers before adding “NOOOOOO!”

Her consideration for managerial status comes with a bit of irony as The Daily Dot has twice featured the creator complaining about conditions at the fast food chain. She has posted videos about her wages, which were less than promised, and having to spend her entire shift outside the building cleaning.

“This job was supposed to be a stepping stone. I don’t want to be a manager,” she says in the video. “I need to stop working so hard.”

She then collapses into mock sobs at the end of the video.

“My GM told me if i ever got offered manager to decline,” one commenter advised.

“This is sooo me on my second day at Whataburger. ‘this is not the place for me’ crying too,” another person wrote.

“Exactly like, I work hard but that doesn’t mean I want to deal with manager stress at least not at this job,” another viewer said.

Thankfully it seems that Nay did not have to take on any extra responsibilities. In response to The Daily Dot July 19 article about her cleaning duties she explained that she has moved on to different pastures.

“They literally called me and said the two weeks notice that I attempted to put in when I first got offered my new job was accepted and in effect immediately, meaning I didn’t have to come back,” she told The Daily Dot.

Nay later posted a video of her turning in her BK uniform through the drive-thru. She did so within an hour of hearing her two weeks’ notice had been accepted.

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