woman counting to three with caption 'the amount of times i caught a groom cheating on the day of the wedding'


‘I hope you tell the bride omggggg’: Bridesmaid for hire says she’s caught grooms cheating day of the wedding

'I work at a resort...I have seen grooms ask for an extra room in the middle of the night with another woman.'


Brooke Park


Posted on May 6, 2023

One may no longer be able to expect marriage to mean exclusivity. Even on the wedding day, infidelity occurs more often than one may expect, according to TikToker Jen Glantz, who works at many weddings as a bridesmaid for hire.

To emphasize her claim about rampant nuptial cheating, Glantz (@bridesmaidforhire) raised three fingers in sync with the intro of Doja Cat’s “Ain’t Shit”: “This happened one, two, three times too much.” The text overlaid on the video reads, “The amount of times I caught a groom cheating on the day of the wedding.” The viral clip has breached the 1.1 million viewer mark as of Saturday.

@bridesmaidforhire No joke. It didn’t end well. #cheating #wedtok #groomsreaction ♬ intro to aint shi – an🦷

One viewer commented, “I hope you tell the bride omggggg.” In a separate video, Glantz elaborated on the instances where she discovered the potentially catastrophic news. Glantz has produced numerous videos detailing her work as a hired bridesmaid.

“The first time I told the person getting married, she said she already knew. But she didn’t want to make it a thing. And she just wanted to marry the person anyway, even though he was cheating,” Glantz recalled. “The second time this happened, I told the groom that he better tell the bride that he’s cheating on her or else I will. And he did. They also still got married.”

@bridesmaidforhire Replying to @parismarae lets talk #cheatingscandal #marriageproblems ♬ original sound – JEN GLANTZ – BRIDESMAID 4 HIRE

The Daily Dot reached out to Glantz via email for comment.

Other marriage-related professions affirmed the prevalence of betrothed cheaters at wedding ceremonies. One viewer remarked, “Florist here!! I could write a book,” suggesting she has also seen a multitude of unfaithful brides and grooms.

“I work at a resort … I have seen grooms ask for an extra room in the middle of the night with another woman,” another user shared.

“Same … wedding coordinator for seven years,” a third added.

An aura of pessimism descended on the comments section as evidence mounted regarding unfaithfulness at the alter. Many vowed to never get married.

“This comment section is so scary cause there’s no way this is that common,” one stated.

“Getting married seems gradually less of a dream and more of something I should run away from,” another said.

However, attitudes toward monogamy are shifting in America, with a rising interest in open relationships. And cases of cheating within exclusive relationships are common. More than half of the Americans who have been in a monogamous relationship say they have been cheated on, according to statistics from YouGov.

For married couples, the rates don’t look much better. According to the LA Intelligence Detective Agency, an instance of cheating will affect anywhere from 30 to 60% of married couples.

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*First Published: May 6, 2023, 10:24 am CDT