Walmart customer speaking with caption 'I just like for girls between ages of 8 and 18' (l) Walmart customer speaking with caption 'why are panties and bras right by the food and men's sections' with Walmart logo above (c) Walmart customer speaking with caption 'should totally get to shop their bras and panties in private and I get' (r)

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‘Girls between the ages of 8 and 18 should get to shop their bras and panties in private’: Customer criticizes Walmart for placing panties, bras next to men’s section

‘As a teenager, I would’ve been mortified,’


Adrienne Hunter


A Walmart customer in Ammon, Idaho criticized the retail giant for placing the girls’ bras and underwear section next to the men’s and food sections. 

TikTok creator Sasha Piton (@thesashapiton) posted a video asking why the “panties and bras are right by the food and the men’s section.” The video has amassed 57,200 views as of Thursday.

“I’m a grown woman but I think if you are a teenager who wants to look at these for fun —cute totally colored panties— why do you have to do it next to the men’s section or next to the food section?” Piton asked viewers in her video. Girls between ages of 8 to 18 should totally get to shop their bras and panties in private.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Walmart via their website and Piton via TikTok.

@thesashapiton Hey @Walmart can we do better in the Ammon, Idaho store? Thanks!! #walmart #protectgirls ♬ original sound – Sasha Piton

Viewers resonated with Piton’s opinion.

“Omg you’re right!” one user commented. “My Walmart is set up the same way, and as a teenager, I would’ve been mortified. I didn’t even think about this.”

“I thought the same thing when I was there yesterday,” commented who went to a location in Kansas.

“Last year I was stalked into the panty isle by a dad and his teenage son!” one commenter claimed. “I was actually scared [because] they followed me from the garden section.”

Some commenters mentioned the Walmart locations they frequent have a different layout.

“Ours is in the middle… surrounded by [women’s] clothes and the lounge, pjs, clothes,” one person said.

“Ok yes! A perfect place!” responded Piton.

Walmart stores have gone through a number of design layouts the past few years, according to Fast Company, with some iterations mirroring the layout of Target stores.

Alvis Washington, VP of marketing, store design, and innovation and experience at Walmart, told Fast Company that because Walmart sells both apparel and groceries, they have to be strategic with store design.

“Walmart is a grocery store that sells apparel along with other things, but that doesn’t mean we have to sell apparel the same ways we sell groceries,” Washington said. “Customers want to be inspired … in new furniture, makeup, and trends. We want to disrupt their expectations.”

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