Girlfriend notices a man with a white bucket hat the baseball game her boyfriend is at.

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‘Tell me I’m crazy’: Girlfriend notices a man with a white bucket hat the baseball game her boyfriend is at. She think it’s proof he’s cheating


Melody Heald


A woman believed her boyfriend was cheating on her because of a post on social media that was similar to his ex’s.

The video explaining the situation featured TikTok user @akkayyyaa, who believed the universe was confirming her suspicion of her boyfriend cheating.

She pulled up her boyfriend’s post at a Philadelphia Phillies vs. Los Angeler Dodgers baseball game “from his work trip.” What stood out to the content creator was “the guy with the white bucket hat.”

Next, she unveiled her boyfriend’s ex’s post, which was eerily similar to her boyfriend’s. The only difference was his ex was in the photo. In the corner of the photo? The guy with the white bucket hat in the same exact spot. In addition to the almost identical photo, they both lived in LA.


you cannot tell me that isnt the same place and day #cheater

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The video amassed 7.5 million views as of July 9, where viewers agreed with the content creator’s suspicion.

“Oh yeah they’re together,” one viewer wrote.

“You are Not Crazy Girly and I’m sorry you are dealing with this,” a second commented.

“The proof is in the PUDDING,” a third agreed.

On the other hand, some provided alternative explanations.

“Does she work for the same company? Maybe she’s also on a work trip,” one person said.

“Maybe white bucket hat has season tickets,” a second suggested.

“Or maybe. Just maybe. They were at the same game?” a third proposed.

In a series of follow-up videos, the creator shared the outcome of the original post. In one follow-up, she revealed that she “confronted” her boyfriend about the post and he “denied it.” 

As a result, she broke up with him. When she showed him the pictures, his explanation was that it “could have been any stadium” and “baseball fields all look similar.” She agreed, except the photos looked almost exactly alike: “the hats, the people, the blue railing.” Finally, he conceded that the photo did look like the Philly Stadium. When @akkayyyaa questioned that, his response was that they “weren’t there at the same time” and “didn’t see her.”

In the next follow-up, she revealed how her now ex-boyfriend gaslit her. After her video went viral, @akkayyyaa’s ex accused her of “wanting to get famous off the situation.” This only perplexed the creator. “Like, I wanted to get cheated on so I can make a video that just happened to go viral?” she said. “I don’t even know what to say to that.”

However, in a “Part 2.5” video, she revealed her ex urged her to take down the video because he was “worried” about her future.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment.

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