Man finds black bears gorging on Krispy Kreme in truck

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‘I’d like to dine with these distinguished gentlemen’: Man finds black bears gorging on Krispy Kreme in truck

‘I’d like to dine with these distinguished gentlemen’


Melody Heald


Posted on Sep 17, 2023

A viral video shows three hungry black bears gorging on Krispy Kreme donuts inside one of the chain’s trucks.

The video shows TikTok user @michaelmilligan256 approaching a Krispy Kreme van parked in front of an Express convenience store in Alaska. “Look at that, dude. You don’t see that every day,” he said, zooming inside the truck to show three black bears chowing down on donuts. “Probably waiting for mama bear,” he concluded the video.

“Black bears love krispy kreme too,” he captioned the video.

@michaelmilligan256 Black bears love krispy kreme too #fyp #bears #alaska #krispykremedonuts ♬ original sound – Milli

The Daily Dot reached out to @michaelmilligan256 via TikTok comment for more information. The video racked up 527,000 views as of Sept. 17. In the comments, many viewers cracked jokes.

“I’d like to dine with these distinguished gentlemen,” one viewer wrote.

“Those are bear necessities,” a second quipped.

“Bears ask the delivery person…’same time tomorrow?’” a third joked.

“Those bears are having a better day than most people I know,” a fourth commented.

WTHR expanded more on the story. The driver was inside the convenience store when one of the employees heard a ruckus from outside. The employee checked it out and was shocked at the discovery. “They ate 20 packages of the donut holes and I believe six packages of the three-pack chocolate doughnuts,” the convenience store employee stated.

Bears gorging on donuts or other human snacks isn’t an uncommon occurrence. In 2018, a teen was shocked after a bear broke into her car and devoured 49 chocolate bars. Unfortunately, human food isn’t good for black bears. “The more sugary, highly processed foods that 30 female black bears ate, the less time those bears were likely to spend hibernating. In turn, bears that hibernated less tended to score worse on a test for aging at the cellular level,” according to Science News Explores.

Furthermore, climate change has had a drastic effect on black bears. Climate change has “shortened bear hibernation periods,” which led to more frequent encounters with humans. “Some years, weather events can contribute to a bear’s lack of natural food. One example is a late spring frost that kills off vegetation that bears feed on,” per KCRA.

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*First Published: Sep 17, 2023, 7:42 pm CDT