Woman says Bath & Body Works car air freshener sent her to the hospital

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‘I used to work there and this has been happening for years’: Woman says Bath & Body Works car air freshener sent her to the hospital

'Taking mine out of my car rn-'


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Posted on Mar 14, 2024   Updated on Mar 14, 2024, 12:33 pm CDT

A woman claims that she had to go to the emergency room after a car air freshener from Bath & Body Works exploded in her face.

Kyndal (@kyndal_bret) uploaded a video to her TikTok account on Wednesday explaining what happened. 

The text overlay reads, “POV: a bath and body works air car freshener overheated and exploded in your face so now you have OCULAR DAMAGE AND CHEMICAL BURNS.”

In the short clip, Kyndal is lying on a hospital bed with a pulse monitor on one finger as she uses her other hand to dab her eye with a tissue. The skin on her face appears red and blotchy.

The video also cuts to an image of what she claims is the inside of her car, which she says was “literally bleached” by the exploding Bath & Body Works air freshener.

In the caption of her post, Kyndal also notes that she now also has to contend with “A FAT ER BILL.”

Kyndal received 15 million views on her TikTok post and over 13,000 comments. A number of viewers urged the TikToker to take legal action against the company. 

“Better sue!! Bath and body works is a sucky company in general so they deserve it,” one person wrote. 

“I used to work there and this has been happening for years,” another claimed. 

“The b&b wallflowers are pure acid,” someone else said, referring to the brand’s popular line of plug-in air fresheners. “I left one on my wood table by accident and it leaked, but ATE THROUGH THE WOOD. And almost went through the carpet underneath.”

@kyndal_bret AND NOW I HAVE A FAT ER BILL🥲 #bathandbodyworks #chemicalburns #oculardamage ♬ original sound – kyndal_bret

This commenter isn’t the only person who has run into issues with the Wallflower air fresheners. As far back as 2017, a woman from Spring Hills, Florida, reported that a Wallflower air scent nearly caused her home to catch on fire when sparks started flying out of her bathroom plug-in.

But while a number of commenters urged Kyndal to sue Bath & Body Works, many just hoped that the TikToker was OK. 

“Everyone saying sue, like yes get your bag girl, but more than anything I hope you’re OK and didn’t lose any senses or function,” said one person. 

“Obviously get that money girl.. but I hope you’re OK! ocular damage is so serious I hope it isn’t permanent,” wrote another. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Kyndal and Bath & Body Works via email for further information. 

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*First Published: Mar 14, 2024, 5:00 pm CDT