Taco Bell customer finds something unexpected in her Gordita Crunch

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‘I looked down, it’s blue’: Taco Bell customer finds something unexpected in her Gordita Crunch. They won’t refund her

'I had a hair the other day in mine'


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Posted on Dec 30, 2023   Updated on Dec 30, 2023, 8:53 pm CST

With food inflation rendering the prices of once-considered-affordable fast casual chains prohibitively expensive by many consumers, one would expect that for the premiums folks are paying for their grub these establishments might put some extra care into the meals that they’re receiving.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for one Taco Bell customer who was appalled to find a foreign object inside of her Gordita Crunch. Even more appalling for the TikToker, she says, is that the restaurant wouldn’t refund her for the cost of the menu item, sparking outrage in the comments section of her video.

Hannah immediately launches into her diatribe against the Taco Bell location after setting her recording device down. She speaks into the camera and says: “This is some sh*t you see on f*cking Twitter. Like I wish I was making this sh*t up. I was eating my f*cking Gordita Crunch that I had just picked up and I bit into something that didn’t taste like a f*cking part of the taco. I look down… it’s blue. What is it? What was in my Gordita?”

At this point in the clip she grabs the cell phone and then points it at her bitten-into Gordita taco, revealing a blue-colored adhesive bandage on camera. “A band-aid,” she exclaims. “A f*cking band-aid. I bit into this… What the f*ck?” she says at the end of the clip.

In a caption for the video she provided further context, tagging Taco Bell’s TikTok account and writing: “the store wouldn’t even refund me because i placed my order through the mobile app.”

As of this writing, it doesn’t appear that Bryant has updated her account with any new developments pertaining to the bandage incident, however, there were several commenters who saw her clip who shared in her disgust. One person wrote: “i would be throwing up and crying for weeks omg.”

Another person seemed concerned for her health and urged her to go to a hospital to ensure that she didn’t catch anything if the band-aid was attached to an employee’s hand and had any of their bodily fluids on it: “Go to the hospital to make sure you did get anything!!!”

Someone else seemed to think that there was a silver lining in this situation and Bryant had a chance at securing some kind of settlement as a result of the object she found inside of her Gordita: “GET YOUR BAGGGG”

There was one TikToker, however, who said that Bryant’s alarm was unfounded and that the “band-aid” she found in her food wasn’t actually a band-aid at all but a piece of a sour cream dispenser employees use to garnish dishes: “I worked at Taco Bell. It’s the blue paper cover for the sour cream tube. Sorry that happened to you”

Another user said that they, too, thought the blue shrapnel Bryant found in her Gordita was the sour cream wrapping: “looks like the cover for the Sourcream they have tubes of Sourcream that have blue label things u take off before using”

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Several videos show Taco Bell employees administering sour cream through the use of the caulking-gun-like apparatus, along with the tube that the aforementioned TikToker refers to, however, the Daily Dot has been unable to procure an image of said tube with a clear shot of the blue wrapping.

There was someone else, however, who penned a comment that seemed to support Bryant’s initial outrage: “BRO the whole reason they use to make me wear the blue ones is so you can see it in the food”

As it turns out, a year ago there was a Reddit user who also thought a blue band-aid had made its way into their food: In their case it was a chalupa and not a Gordita. They uploaded a photo of the food item in question to the site’s r/tacobell sub, and one of the top comments also said that the bit of blue plastic was actually the wrapper of the sour cream container: “It’s unacceptable that the store manager didnt care, but thats actually a sticker to the end of a sour cream tube, not a bandaid, so its safe, just gross,” they wrote.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Taco Bell via email and Bryant via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Dec 30, 2023, 11:00 pm CST