Taco Order Fail Just Avocado


“It was labeled as ‘taco’”: Woman receives only avocado and tortilla after mobile mishap

‘Okay but that’s probably $345 worth of avocado.’


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A TikToker is going viral after showing her almost comically incorrect taco order.

In the video, Kristi (@queenofgettingbanned) explains that she ordered a taco with avocado and no meat, expecting it to come with a few veggies on top. The content creator says she’s used to ordering from places that give you several options for meat, toppings, veggies, and sauces.

She was taken aback when her order arrived and it was literally a tortilla with just an incredibly generous hunk of avocado in the middle and what appeared to be a red hot sauce in a side container—that’s it.

“This is a tortilla with avocado. There is nothing else in it. It is full avocado, like pounds of it just in a tortilla. There’s no cheese, no lettuce,” she says, looking utterly confused.

She explains that since there were no options for sides or toppings, she assumed they would just come with a standard topping.

“What is happening?! They think just because I choose avocado, I don’t want anything else?” she asks.

She continues talking but interjects herself with a gagging sound that indicates how she feels about the food in front of her.

“Whoever did your order is probably wondering why someone only got avocado lol,” a commenter said.

The video has nearly 250,000 views and hundreds of comments.


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Several people in the comments explained that having “cheese, lettuce, tomato is a very Americanized version of a taco” and traditional street tacos typically have a protein and sometimes chopped onion and cilantro.

In reply to a comment, Kristi shared that she did end up eating the taco but added other things from her fridge.

This isn’t the first time Kristi has gained attention for a Tex-Mex mishap. A few months back, she claimed that Chipotle’s tomatillo red chili salsa got spicier. While she used to be able to “drench” her order in the popular red sauce, she says it’s so spicy now that it has become inedible.

The Daily Dot reached out to Kristi for comment via email.

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