former AutoZone worker speaking in car (l) AutoZone building with sign (c) former AutoZone worker speaking pointing to caption 'To your last video that is %100 not true its a limited lifetime warranty covers all manufactures defects not wear and tear' (r)

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‘Corporate told us ‘don’t argue with them”: Former AutoZone worker shares how to hack warranty to get free brake pads for life

“I been getting free brakes since 2012.”


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A trending TikTok video explains a lesser-known, and even less-executed, practice at AutoZone: Using the lifetime warranty to turn your old brake pads into a brand-new pair.

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In the 24-second clip with 7.4 million views, Brittany Harrell (brittanyharrell87) spills the beans on AutoZone, an auto parts retailer, and its lifetime guarantees. Harrell reveals: “You can get free brake pads for life at AutoZone because they all have lifetime warranties. Bring your old ones in worn down to the bare metal, warranty ’em out, they won’t say no. Works every time.”

A lifetime warranty usually means that the manufacturer will replace the product if it fails due to defects in materials or quality. However, Harrell’s claim suggests that AutoZone’s brake pad warranty might extend beyond manufacturer defects. That would allow customers to replace worn-out pads without an additional charge. It’s an interesting idea, particularly as car repair prices continue to rise. However, users questioned whether Harrell understood the fine print.

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Following the initial video, Harrell took to TikTok again to address the comments. “Yes, I know it’s supposed to be for manufacturer defects. I know this. I’m not stupid,” she says. “However, corporate offices told us, don’t argue with them, because they’re tired of getting the phone calls of people complaining about the lifetime warranty. So if you want to complain to somebody, [complain] to the Karens. Not me.”

At some point, Harrell turned off comments on the first video. However, in the second video, other users conceded that the hack is indeed possible.

One person commented, “I been getting free brakes since 2012 I don’t buy brakes just put them in the old box lol.” Harrell replied, “You just gotta know HOW to do it. It’s definitely possible.” Another commenter claiming to be an AutoZone employee wrote, “I work at autozone and yes this is true we will never say no just bring your old ones and we will give you new ones.”

However, the “Karen” tactic may not always prove effective. Last year, an AutoZone manager went viral by showing how he deals with customers he deems “male Karens.”

The Daily Dot contacted @brittanyharrell87 via TikTok comment and AutoZone for further comment. 

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