Woman explains that her roommate gets evicted. Landlord threw out all her stuff instead

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‘They threw away every single thing’: Woman’s roommate gets evicted. Landlord threw out all her stuff instead

‘PLEASE go get a lawyer.’


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Posted on May 15, 2023

A woman recently claimed that she was locked out of her apartment, only to have building management open up her door and find that all of her belongings were gone. 

In a three-minute video, Ivy (@ivynicholeee) said that her apartment’s management mistakenly threw out all of her belongings, presumably thinking that they belonged to her roommate, who had moved out the day prior. But in a series of emotional posts, Ivy expressed disbelief she was that her apartment made such a grave error. As of Monday morning, her first video explaining the incident had over 1.3 million views. 


This is probably one of the hardest thing to go thru, i dont wish this on anyone.

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When Ivy came home, she said that she couldn’t unlock her door—which prompted her to call her apartment’s front desk. Upon going inside, however, she noticed that all of her belongings were gone. At first, she thought that she had been robbed. But considering her key wasn’t working, she deduced that her apartment had thrown away her possessions thinking they belonged to her ex-roommate.

“They threw away my dealership car key that costs a lot to even replace … my tablet, all my clothes, all my shoes, [and] all of my designer stuff,” Ivy said. “I paint for a living. All of my canvases … they threw away every single thing.”

Apparently a mix-up with the girl’s keys caused the mistake. Ivy’s roommate “was technically supposed to have Room B,” while Ivy was supposed to have Room A. But upon moving in, the two noticed that their assigned keys didn’t work and swapped rooms.

“When I first came to my apartment … my key did not work for Room A,” she explained. “It only worked for Room B, so I assumed that Room B was mine.”

Ivy said that her building’s general manager asked her to compile a list of her belongings. But after telling them that her lost possessions amounted to $19,000, management quickly changed their tune. In short, they told her that they would only pay for a portion of her possessions—up to $5,000—and even vaguely threatened her since she was not living in the “correct” room.  


Sorry im late but here is part 2, i also have to upload oart 3 which is the last part

♬ original sound – Ivynichole

“They tried to make it seem like it was my fault that my things got thrown away,” Ivy said through tears. “And I really hate that for me. … That shit is so fucked up.” 

In a third video, Ivy said that her grandfather was going to attempt to negotiate more money. But several viewers advised her to speak with an attorney instead.

“No need to have grandpa talk to them. Get a lawyer,” one user wrote. “They’ll wish they gave you that 19k. PLEASE go get a lawyer.”

“That happened to my sister. We just got a lawyer and got back 45k. Take them to court,” another advised.

“As a lawyer, I would stop speaking with the management company at this point and get a lawyer,” a third wrote.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Ivy via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: May 15, 2023, 10:16 am CDT