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‘I’m tired of lifting heavy items’: Amazon worker of 7 years says he was fired after complaining about carrying customers’ heavy packages

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Posted on Jan 12, 2024   Updated on Jan 12, 2024, 4:36 pm CST

In a poignant 1:55 video with over 475,000 views, TikToker Kendall (@thatamazonguyy) shares the unfortunate news of his termination from Amazon. The former Amazon worker’s dismissal stems from a previous video humorously requesting customers to refrain from ordering heavy items.

Kendall starts the video with a somber update, “Hi guys, I have some bad news. Uh, Amazon done fired my dumba**.” He reveals the gravity of his situation, indicating that his seven-year tenure at Amazon abruptly ended, “Seven long years down the drain just like that.” He claims the reason for his termination was a video made about four weeks earlier, intended as a lighthearted joke among fellow Amazon employees. He says, “I made a video about four weeks ago where I told people to stop buying heavy items from Amazon because, as an Amazon worker, I’m tired of lifting heavy items.”

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Despite the comedic nature of his initial video—which The Daily Dot covered—Kendall acknowledges that it offended a segment of his audience, particularly those with disabilities or older individuals who rely on online shopping from Amazon for heavy items. He expresses his regret, “Especially people who are disabled or people who are older … I do wanna say, if you were offended by that video, I am sorry. I never meant to offend anyone or discriminate against anyone.”

Though he made a follow-up video apologizing for his original video, the repercussions of his video were severe and immediate. Kendall says he lost his job and is now ineligible for rehire at Amazon. Reflecting on the reality of his situation, he says, “I already lost my job, and I am ineligible for rehire, so please forgive me.”

One viewer was surprised about the swiftness of the termination. “Damn, not even a write-up, straight-up termination after seven years … that’s wild,” they wrote.

Another said it was no shock. “Sheesh, I knew this was coming once I saw how much you recorded inside the warehouse,” they remarked, referencing the TikToker’s more recent videos showing him inside an Amazon warehouse.

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“You can get rehired after six months. Or three months,” commented another person. “They always change it.” However, as others pointed out, it would depend on the reasoning for termination from Amazon.

Facing financial challenges and responsibilities, including caring for his son, Kendall appeals to his followers for support. He requests, “So to all my Amazonians, all my day ones, if I’ve ever made you laugh, cry, if I’ve ever entertained you in any way, and you want to return the favor, and you wanna help a brother out, I’m going to drop my Cash App below.”

Kendall’s story highlights the unforeseen impact that social media content can have, especially in the workplace. His Amazon worker turned TikToker experience is a cautionary tale about the boundaries of humor and the potential consequences of online posts. As he navigates this challenging phase, his story continues to resonate with viewers, shedding light on the complexities of digital expression and the importance of empathy in content creation.

The Daily Dot has contacted Amazon via email and Kendall (@thatamazonguyy) via TikTok for comment.

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*First Published: Jan 12, 2024, 9:00 pm CST