Amazon Doritos Bag order came empty

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‘They getting real stingy these days’: Customer orders Doritos from Amazon, receives ‘bags of air’ instead

‘I’m more mad about the crumbs in the bottom.’


Braden Bjella


A user on TikTok has sparked a discussion after alleging that her order of multiple bags of Doritos from Amazon actually contained multiple bags of air.

In a video with over 25,000 views as of Sunday morning, TikTok user Christine (@misschristinekim) shows a box with multiple individual bags of Doritos and Ruffles chips. Over the course of the video, someone removes two bags from the box and opens them, only to reveal a few leftover chip crumbs in each bag.

“Was SO EXCITED to try the NEW #DoritosBBQ and this is what @Amazon sent me! Bags of AIR!” exclaimed Christine in the caption. “Like whaat?!?”

@misschristinekim I was SO EXCITED to try the NEW #DoritosBBQ and this is what @Amazon sent me! Bags of AIR! Like whaat?!? 😫 #amazon #countyourdays #doritos #bagsofair #areyouseeingthis #isthisajoke #amazonprime #doritos #emptybagsofchips #viral #viralpost ♬ original sound – Jay Nedaj

Christine notes in a comment that it is likely not Amazon’s fault that the chip bags contained no chips, but she tagged them regardless as “they would be the one responsible for my refund.”

“This post is meant for laughs but also other people with relatable situations when ordering things ONLINE,” she wrote in another comment. “Point is, I GOT SENT EMPTY BAGS with CRUMBS.”

Chip bags and their air content are a common subject of discussion on TikTok. While there are reasons why chip bags don’t come filled to the brim, customers still find themselves disappointed by the actual amounts of chips they receive.

In August 2022, a user’s clip on TikTok went viral after alleging they received an empty bag of potato chips. A few months later, another user expressed disappointment after seeing the paltry number of chips provided in a bag of On The Border tortilla chips. One user took this problem into their own hands, mixing two bags of chips to create one giant bag in protest of how much air is in the package.

However, regardless of the amount of padding that chip manufacturers say is necessary in a bag of chips, there should be substantially more chips in a bag than the crumbs Christine allegedly received.

In the comments of her video, users laughed about Christine’s predicament.

“They getting real stingy these days,” a user said.

“They selling bags of inflation,” another joked.

However, others said they had experienced something similar.

“Same thing happened to me but only like 1 bag,” a user recalled. “I was heated.”

“I had that happen to me,” a second added. “It was just like 3 bags and I reached out to Amazon and they sent me a whole other box for free.”

“I work in a warehouse,” stated a third. “This sometimes happens and we get the chips directly from the distributor.” 

We’ve reached out to Amazon and Frito-Lay via email, and Christine via Instagram direct message.

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