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‘I feel bad now’: Amazon worker issues PSA to customers who order ‘every day’

‘I didn’t know it was like that, will do.’


Melody Heald


An Amazon worker went viral on TikTok after issuing a public service announcement for customers who order every day.

TikTok user @aniyamitch started the 19-second video by addressing Amazon customers who order “every day, every other day, or damn near every week.” She said she was “pretty sure” that customers who order so frequently have the same driver every time, which led her to ask: “Y’all see each other damn near every day, and you ain’t leaving no snacks?”

The TikToker said Amazon customers who order frequently have a “bond” with their driver. She jokingly concluded that customers who don’t leave snacks for their regular driver are “wrong.”

In an email interview with the Daily Dot, @aniyamitch revealed she’s worked for the corporate giant for six months. During the six months she’s worked there, she’s “encountered customers who ordered multiple times in a week.” The TikToker reported that her regulars and other customers do, in fact, leave out snacks for her.

The video garnered over 261,000 views since it was posted on March 6. In the comments section, viewers said the video inspired them to leave snacks out for their delivery drivers.

“I needed to see this video, I’m setting my snack station up today,” one viewer wrote.

“I WILL IMMEDIATELY whats the best snacks for you guys,” a second echoed.

“When i move, imma get a list of stuff my driver likes cause I remember!” a third stated.

However, some viewers shared reasons why they would or could not leave snacks out for their drivers.

“Nah… cause I take it personal when y’all have a bad day and throw my package,” one user commented.

“I live in apartments I’m so positive my neighbors would take it before my package arrives,” a second wrote.

“I’m sorry sis I pick up my packages at a Amazon locker since they can’t seem to deliver to the right address!” a third remarked.

Others even criticized @aniyamitch for asking Amazon customers to do this for their drivers.

“Ur wrong!! Ur getting pay for that , go to the store and bought ur own snacks,” one person criticized.

“Lol, nope, my job doesn’t give snack…bring your own!” a second agreed.

“I dont gotta put snacks for nobody BRING MY PACKAGE THANK YOU,” a third wrote.

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