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‘I was today years old when I found out that you can just look up coupons for Amazon’: Shopper shares ‘hack’ for finding Amazon products cheaper

‘Out here doing the lord’s work.’


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In a viral clip, TikToker Izabel S (@iixabell) shared a “hack” for finding products for cheaper on Amazon via their coupon page.

In the 25-second video, Isabel films her laptop screen as she demonstrates how to find and use Amazon coupons. Viewed over 159,000 times, the TikToker was praised by countless users for showing them this simple savings hack.

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“I was today year’s old when I found out you could just look up coupons for Amazon,” Isabel explains, using a voice filter. “I used to be the type of person to follow people and wait for them to post the coupon that I wanted to use.”

Her camera is pointed at her screen as she scrolls through dozens of coupons on Amazon. “But, now literally everything is categorized and you just go through section by section,” she says.

Isabel then demonstrates how to use the Amazon coupons. “Once you clip it and add it to your cart it automatically applies,” she concludes.

Users praised the TikToker for sharing this savings hack.

“Omg thank you!! I would literally ask those people who post them to look for stuff that I needed a coupon for,” one said, agreeing with the TikToker about following pages dedicated to sharing Amazon coupons.

“Out here doing the lord’s work,” exclaimed another grateful viewer.

“I discovered it by accident last year only because it was the first time I was actually using my computer vs the app. Best way to find deals,” someone wrote.

Others offered savings tips of their own.

“Thanks for the tip! The coupons/subscribe and save discounts also show up under the price when you’re viewing the actual item for you to clip,” one user said.

“Try Vipon app,” another person shared, referring to the Vipon website and app that offers coupons and discounts on various Amazon products.

One person suggested other using platforms, writing, “A lot of stuff that’s sold on Amazon can be found cheaper on Shein and Temu…”

The Daily Dot reached out to Izabel via TikTok comment and Amazon via email.

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