Woman says airport bar wouldn't accept her ID because it's vertical


‘Be for real’: Woman says airport bar won’t accept her ID because it’s vertical

‘What do you mean you can’t accept the ID?’


Stacy Fernandez


Two women headed to Las Vegas were refused alcohol at the airport because the only ID they had on them was a vertical one.

In the popular video, Chlo (@ryenwhiskey) explains that she and her travel companion, also a young woman, got to the airport a whole two hours early for their flight. They thought they’d kill some time sipping on drinks at the bar but were quickly denied.

“This rude ass lady is like, ‘We can’t accept your ID because it’s vertical,’” Chlo recounts with an annoyed facial expression.

Chlo explains that she’s turning 22 and her friend is 23—well over Canada’s drinking age of 19 for most of its provinces and territories, including Ontario, where Chlo was flying out of.

“What do you mean you can’t accept the ID?” she says.


For those unfamiliar with vertical IDs, in both Canada and the United States, the document’s vertical orientation usually means the cardholder is under 21 years old. This ID is often given to those with a driver’s permit or to people who need an ID but don’t have a driver’s license.

Chlo didn’t let the bartender deter her. As she and her friend walk to their gate, they see a duty-free store and stop in to confirm whether they can buy alcohol with their vertical IDs. The worker says he can’t unless the two are flying out of the country. According to the Duty Free Americas site, this is a general rule and not one that just applies to vertical ID holders.

“Be for real. We’re flying to Vegas and we can’t drink in the airport before,” she says.

The video has nearly 20,000 views and was accompanied by the caption, “Can’t serve us alcohol with a vertical id or if we aren’t flying out of the country??? wtf?”

Ironically enough, Chlo works as a bartender and beverage cart driver (aka the people who serve golfers drinks on the course out of a literal golf cart). She makes drinks for others for a living yet can’t get served one while waiting for her flight.

Some commenters were annoyed on Chlo’s behalf.

“It’s a stupid ass rule,” one person said.

“If it’s expired they can deny it but not if it’s just vertical tf,” another said.

Others gave her suggestions, like filling out a lost ID form online and paying $30 for a replacement. “A new one it comes horizontal.”

Despite the airport mishap, Chlo and her friend seem to be living it up in Vegas and were even able to purchase a 6-pack of premade cocktails at Costco.

The Daily Dot reached out to Chlo via email.

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