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‘Looks like payback’: Airbnb host says guest flooded rental before checking out. Viewers aren’t sympathetic

‘Gotta make that cleaning fee worth it!’


Phil West


An Airbnb host revealed the damage allegedly done by a guest who they say purposefully flooded the rental, but some speculated it might be “payback” for something the host did.

The debate unfolded via a TikTok video put up by creator @adzo365 on Saturday, getting more than 168,000 views in just a single day. The caption accompanying the video assesses, “Hosting has its ups and downs and disasters.”

The video shows water covering the wood floors of the rental unit, and as the creator filled in via on-screen caption, “Air bnb guest puts the plug in the sink turns on all the taps and checks out.”

@adzo365 Hosting has its ups and downs and disasters #airbnb #host #flooded #tinyhome #cleaning #somuchfun ♬ original sound – adzo365

Though at face value, this seems an action of an uncouth guest that would evoke sympathy, some thought there was more to the story. This perhaps reflects a frustration with some Airbnb customers growing weary of paying hotel prices (and sometimes more), having to do “chores” during the stay but still being hit with cleaning fees.

Recent Daily Dot coverage of frustrated Airbnb customers includes one who actually encountered the cleaning person following up after she adhered to a detailed list of chores, and a host who complained about tenants installing an AC unit “incorrectly.”

Predictably, one commenter was reminded of Home Alone, quipping, “What if it was The Wet Bandits?”

Some thought the host was leaving something out of the story, with one opining, “There is more to this.”

“Looks like payback,” another surmised.

“Well that’s the last time u charge a pet deposit,” said another, citing another add-on fee that irks some Airbnb customers.

Others responded more cynically, thinking that somehow the host would benefit from this misfortune.

“Oh well you have insurance,” before adding, “Should rent it out to a family.”

“Now you can charge extra for the swimming pool,” another cracked.

“All good you will make up the cost with the next booking,” someone else asserted.

But some people did sympathize with the host, with one relating, “I can feel your stress. Im in the same situation. Considering of stopping leasing my property.”

One person asked the creator, “You still going to be renting?”

The host responded, “Yup … I really like this work.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to Airbnb via email.

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