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‘Seems so much more expensive than getting a hotel for the night’: Airbnb guests break door after getting locked out in middle of night

'This is like literally the last thing I would think to do in this situation.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Oct 10, 2023

Almost anytime an Airbnb host uploads content complaining about guests that have purportedly caused damage to the host’s property, there is an inevitable deluge of comments from folks expressing that they don’t have any sympathy for them.

However, a recent TikTok uploaded by Andrew Maurice Garfi (@andrewmauricegarfield) shows guests taking extreme measures to get inside of a locked Airbnb, and it has propted a wave of criticism from viewers who wondered why the guests would go through such extreme lengths to gain access to the building.

The clip currently has 1.9 million views.


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A text overlay on the video reads: “First night in Florida, a family got locked out of their AirBNB, the owner said they couldn’t come [till] 7am.”

A man is seen holding what looks like a concrete slab which he begins to smash against the Airbnb’s door, in order to break the glass and unlock the door from the inside.

“Be careful,” someone warns as he knocks the slab against the door and shatters the entire door. The man then begins to clear the shattered glass using the same piece of concrete.

Another person, who is also off-camera, explains that the entire slab of glass broke because it was “all one piece,” causing the entire thing to break, as opposed to a small portion of it, which was what the man had intended.

A woman can also be heard telling the man to break just enough to get his hand through the door to unlock it, but to be careful to not cut himself in the process. Another person also mentions that they “don’t have insurance” to cover any injuries he may sustain as he tries to open the door by sticking his arm through the broken glass.

Commenters had a litany of reactions, a number of them negative. Many people cited the incident as yet another reason why they would prefer to book a hotel room over an Airbnb.

“You know where I’ve never had to break a window to get inside? a hotel,” one said.

“Why do ppl use AirBnB?” wrote another. “I have never been locked out of a hotel. Also never had to follow a 10page list of rules about how to use the light switches.”

Many also wondered why the guests took such extreme measures in this situation.

One person wrote, “This is like literally the last thing I would think to do in this situation.”

Another viewer hoped that the host took legal action against the guests for their behavior, writing, “Please I hope they pressed charges on you.”

A number of viewers pointed out better alternatives than breaking and entering into an Airbnb.

“How does this even make sense? Why would damage someone’s home instead of waiting or going to a hotel?” one asked.

“I think a better option would’ve been getting a hotel and then making the host pay for it…” echoed another.

“I think I would of gotten a hotel room before doing this. hotel would be cheaper than what the door is going to cost,” pointed out a third.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Airbnb via email, and to Andrew via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Oct 10, 2023, 1:22 pm CDT