Passenger says Air France told her it lost her luggage. But she had an Air Tag on it

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‘It’s literally in the airport’: Passenger says Air France told her it lost her luggage. But she had an AirTag on it

'They have only given me $600 when there was thousands of dollars worth of stuff in there.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Jul 10, 2023

Thanks to the prevalence of easy-to-use consumer-grade tracking devices, like Apple AirTags, folks have been able to keep dibs on their personal items, which is especially handy when traveling.

However, as some AirTag users are discovering, knowing where one’s belongings are and actually getting them back is an entirely different story—something a United Airlines customer learned the hard way.

And it would appear that another traveler had a similar experience. A TikToker named Sarah (@mercurialsarah), who has over 149,000 followers, claimed that Air France lost her luggage containing thousands of dollars worth of personal effects, along with medication used to treat her hyperthyroidism.

Sarah was able to track the location of her luggage thanks to an AirTag to the airport but criticized Air France’s customer service for not being able to help retrieve her bags. She said she interacted with the airline’s customer service representatives and filed a claim for the missing luggage but was only offered $600 for the inconvenience. Sarah said she’s been attempting to retrieve her luggage for two months.

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Sarah wrote in a text overlay of the video: “Air France is a scam.”

She recorded herself in the airport, attempting to get assistance from an Air France representative, who threatened to call the cops on her.

“So I cannot go downstairs when I just got told that I have to come over here to find a representative,” she said while seemingly at a help desk.

A worker off-camera interjected and warned Sarah that he’s going to call the police, seemingly in reference to her recording in the airport. She informed the worker that he isn’t “in the video at all.”

“OK, you can take a picture of you away from here,” the man told her.

“This is how Air France does things,” Sarah continued.

She then spoke directly into the camera, giving viewers additional context. “I haven’t had my luggage for two months now. … I have an AirTag on it,” she said.

A greenscreen of her phone, displaying the location of the AirTag pops up behind her in the video. It showed that her luggage is nearby, yet she cannot get anyone to assist her in retrieving it. “This is me right here: Sarah’s backpack. This is my luggage. It’s literally in the airport,” she said.

“They have only given me $600, when there was thousands of dollars worth of stuff in there,” she said, referring to the items in her luggage. “So Air France threatened to call the police on me, stole a bunch of stuff from me, precious items that was basically 3 months of my entire life. [I] had medicine in my bag that I needed for my hyperthyroidism, and they are rude and not helpful.”

Sarah’s video has been viewed over 100,000 times so far. She has yet to provide viewers with an update on the matter. Many viewers are trying to help Sarah out by tagging Air France in their remarks in the comments section.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Air France via email and to Sarah via Instagram direct message for further information.

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*First Published: Jul 10, 2023, 11:34 am CDT