6 weird things that recently happened at Walmart

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‘There could be a baby in the basket and you’re tired?’: 6 weird things that recently went down at a Walmart near you

‘Mannn its evil world we live in.’


Stacy Fernandez


Walmart is a wild, wild place. So wild in fact, that back in 2009 the website “People of Walmart” became a viral sensation during a time when going viral online wasn’t really a thing.

The website—which has since sparked a Reddit page with half a million followers, thousands of memes, compilation videos, and even a coloring book—documented the interesting characters that peruse the aisles of Walmart, from those walking around with their buttcrack out to people wearing just a bikini or speedo to shop.

While the People of Walmart site stopped posting last year, we’re here to pick up where they left off.

From the worker who tried to expose a man for coming into the store to buy a Plan B for his mistress (tea) to the woman who investigated a creepy abandoned laundry basket thinking there might be a baby or puppy in there, what happens at Walmart will never cease to amaze us.

Here 6 things that recently happened at Walmart that will make you gasp.

1) A worker exposed a man for cheating on his girlfriend, buying his mistress a Plan B

Woman looking at camera(l+r), Walmart(c)
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Walmart worker tried to expose a man for cheating on his partner after he came into the store with his mistress. Millie (@milliee.tx) got on TikTok to try and call out the man for his alleged cheating in a short post. Millie’s video went viral with 1.7 million views, and over 3,800 comments.

Apparently, the Walmart employee was working her shift at the store when a man came in with a woman, who the worker assumes is his side chick. The two of them were shopping for a morning-after emergency contraceptive pill. 

The man and woman seemed to have chatted enough that Millie was able to put together some details about them. She then decided to hop on social media to expose the man who Millie alleges was cheating on his partner while the woman was at work.

She wrote in the text overlay of the video, “If [you’re] from Arlington Texas and your name is Lesly your man came to Walmart with his side to get plan b while [you’re] at work right now.”

She captioned the post, “Mannn its evil world we live in.” —Natasha Dubash

2) A woman risked it all investigating an abandoned laundry basket

woman checks abandoned basket someone dropped off outside of Walmart
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A woman filmed herself investigating an abandoned laundry basket left outside a Walmart, and has since gone viral. The video was posted by TikTok user Theresa Ann (@nashmomadventures) on April 23, and has since sparked a debate in the comments, with users arguing about whether she overreacted. 

Her decision to investigate is met with mixed reactions from her friend Kelly, who is less enthusiastic about the impromptu mission. “OK you do it, I’m tired,” Kelly says.

Undeterred, Theresa remarks, “There could be a baby in the basket and you’re tired? Dear God. Oh my God. I mean who would just, who would just do this? I don’t care. I just want to make sure that there’s not something in this.”

She approaches the basket and starts rummaging through it, fearing the worst. “I swear to God I just think there’s puppies or a baby or something in here.”

For a brief moment, the TikToker is startled, thinking she saw something at the bottom of the basket, however, she soon discovers her eyes are playing a trick on her: “It’s empty. I thought there was something. Oh my God. I thought that was hair. OK I’ve done my good deed for the day,” she concludes. —Vladimir Supica

3) An employee tried to overcharge a customer by $50

Walmart worker talking(l), Walmart(c), $97 price tag(r)
ValeStock/Shutterstock @danieldegollado96/Tiktok (Licensed)

A Walmart shopper saw a vacuum cleaner priced at $97, despite a scanner signaling the item was actually $149—leading to a lengthy dispute with an employee over the actual price.

The scene was documented by creator Daniel Ferrusquia (@danieldegollado96), who posted his TikTok video on Sunday capturing nearly four minutes of negotiation between him and a Walmart employee at an undisclosed location.

It starts with Ferrusquia establishing that he scanned the vacuum cleaner, and the price showed $149 despite the tag revealing it to be $52 cheaper. Specifically, it’s a Tineco A10-D Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Floors & Low-Pile Rugs, listed on the Walmart site for $149.

The employee tried to dismiss his objections by saying, “No, it’s not false advertising … because if you scanned it like you say you did, it’s going to show you the price.”

After several minutes of the back-and-forth, Ferrusquia notes via on-screen caption, “She realizes I’m recording.”

Several seconds later, after they’ve gone around and around about the actual price of the item, the employee says, “So you would like us to match the price for $97? Not a problem?”

As he asked in his caption for the video, “Why this had to be so difficult?” —Phil West

4) A baker took this cake order way too literally

Walmart(l), Woman smiling(c), Cake order(r)
Zoran Karapancev/Shutterstock @anamrajani/Tiktok (Licensed)

We can’t tell if Walmart’s bakery department is full of comedians or if they were genuinely confused by this woman’s birthday cake request.

In a viral video with half a million views, Anam Rajani (@anamrajani) explains that she ordered herself a chocolate cake with white buttercream icing for her 24th birthday.

When it came time to explain what message she wanted on it, she wrote “White message on cake: “twenty-four” small in cursive in the middle.”

Now, you’d think when she opens the cake it would simply have “twenty-four” spelled out in the middle of the cake.

Wrong. While the cake decorator understood the first part of the message and used white frosting, the rest went over their head.

Instead, the cake literally read, “Twenty four small in survive in the middle.”

What a fail.

This isn’t the first time Walmart has made this kind of mistake. At this point, we wonder if employees are purposefully trying to be funny or if they have a direct order from corporate to write everything that’s in the message part of the order (even if it’s clearly not all meant to go on the cake). —Stacy Fernández

5) A customer accidentally embarrassed himself in front of the greeter

Man says he can never go back to Walmart location after experience with Walmart greeter
@bobbykazz/TikTok wolterke/Adobe Stock (Licensed)

One man’s embarrassing moment with a Walmart greeter has him vowing to never to return to that location.

In a video with over 211,000 views, TikTok user Bobby Kazz (@bobbykazz) shared his storytime as he prepared a meal.

“Unfortunately, I’m gonna have to switch Walmarts after what happened to me this morning,” he started.

“I walk in, he looks at me, like, dead in the eye, and he goes, ‘It’s so great to have you back. Welcome back,’” Kazz said the greeter told him. This confused the content creator.

“I was like, ‘I mean, thanks. I know it’s only been, like a month since I’ve been gone but, you know, I appreciate it,” he recalled responding to the greeter.

However, he soon learned that the Walmart greeter/receipt checker wasn’t speaking to him. “There was a cop directly behind me, like, for the city where that Walmart is, and that’s who he was talking to,” he said. “He was literally, like, right there,” he added, gesturing behind his shoulder.

Needless to say, the content creator felt humiliated. “I can never go back there, unfortunately. So, that’s what happened to me today. So, awesome,” he concluded sarcastically. —Melody Heald

6) Worker asked a customer to quit for her

Walmart worker(l), Walmart(c), Different walmart worker(r)
Michael Vi/Shutterstock @userolixy0r204/Tiktok (Licensed)

A Walmart worker approached a customer, handing her work vest, with a strange request, can she quit for her? In the 2-minute video, the Walmart customer, TikToker Lilroxy (@userolixy0r204) captured the event. 

“I am walking into Walmart looking down at my phone and went to a cart in the middle of the entryway. This beautiful lady comes to me and asks if I knew where customer service was,” Lilroxy explained.  

“I pointed and she handed me her Walmart Employee vest and resigned from her position that very moment,” she wrote in the caption of her video. 

Lilroxy proceeded to find a manager to inform them of June’s quitting. When she found one, she explained the situation. “I hate to inform you, but June has officially quit. … She handed this to me when I walked in and got my cart and asked me to come take it to you, and she said she’s done,” Lilroxy said.

In the video, the manager appeared confused, trying to make sense of the situation, and asked Lilroxy, “You know her?” 

“No, I don’t I’m here just to shop,” Lilroxy shared and then explained, “I walked in, she said, ‘Do you know where customer service is?’ And, like, ‘Please hand them this.’” The manager apologized and said they will look into it. —Amara Thomas

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