Couple orders 2 croissants and 2 waters, are shocked when the bill arrives


‘And it’s Aquafina?!’: Customer orders 2 croissants and 2 waters, is shocked when the bill arrives

'The way they charged you more for 1 Aquafina than a literal 24 pack.'


Phil West


Posted on Apr 1, 2024   Updated on Apr 1, 2024, 8:39 am CDT

A tourist in Las Vegas got what he thought was a simple breakfast, only to find it astronomically priced when the bill came.

“I am actually sick to my stomach,” said creator @bran__flakezz in a video posted to TikTok on Saturday and getting more than 738,000 views as of Monday morning.

He then reveals that the breakfast is two bacon, egg, and cheese croissants and two bottles of Aquafina water—totaling nearly $50. He shows the receipt as part of the short video, from the Nosh Deli inside Horseshoe Las Vegas, a strip hotel that’s part of the Caesars family of hotels.

While the hotel’s currently offering rooms for as low as $21 as part of a semi-annual sale, according to its website, it seems it may be making this up in other parts of the hotel, judging from this restaurant marking up a bottle of Aquafina to $7.

“And that server Pamela,” he continues, focusing on the name on the receipt before going back to him, “was a f*cking wench.”

He then observes, “$2 for every bite. It’s delicious, though!”

The creator chronicled a Vegas trip in a number of recent videos, which also included a video review of a more expensive but more indulgent breakfast at Guy Fieri’s Flavortown. But the most viewed video of his vacation chronicles was this one, with commenters outraged about the “robbery” that breakfast turned out to be.

@bran__flakezz i cannot believe this robbery #relatable #vegas #breakfast ♬ original sound – bran_flakezz

“As someone who lives in Vegas, tourists always ask me good places to eat on the Strip,” one said. “I say, ‘I don’t eat on the Strip.’”

Another responded, “Shhhh you fool. Keep these idiots on the Strip.”

Someone else honed in on the water price, saying, “$7 for AQUAFINA is robbery.”

Another said, “For ANY bottle of water.”

“Free Aquafina is robbery,” yet another assessed.

Others offered Vegas travel tips to keep the cost down, including one who said, “I always stop at Walgreens when I get to Vegas to pick up water, canned coffee, snacks, and alcohol!”

Another said, “Yep! We are literally bringing our coffee maker next time we go to Vegas because we cannot stand waiting in line for coffee.”

And finally, someone shared, “I felt so bad because we didn’t use a full case of water on our trip but it was the price of ONE water bottle at the resort.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator and to Horseshoe via email.

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*First Published: Apr 1, 2024, 3:00 pm CDT