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‘Every place you go, it’s going to take 10-15 longer’: Cybertruck owner shares the 5 things he hates about the vehicle

‘6. It’s a complete eyesore.’


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A Tesla Cybertruck owner shares the five things he hates the most about his new vehicle. His complaints range from the features to the attention it attracts in public.

TikTok user Joe Fay (@jf.okay) posted a video this week of his Cybertruck. But the video isn’t what you’d call a traditional ad. It starts off with Joe giving the vehicle several swift kicks to the door. “Here are five things that I hate about my Cybertruck,” he says.

Fingerprints ‘everywhere’

Finger pointing at door

The first issue Joe takes with his Cybertruck is how easy it is to see fingerprints on its stainless steel body. “No. 1, there are fingerprints absolutely everywhere,” Joe says. “Everytime you touch the truck, there are fingerprints left behind.”

He demonstrates this by creating several fingerprint marks. This is far from an uncommon complaint. In this Cybertruck owner thread, users recently discussed the issue. Some owners just ignore the fingerprints, others use treatment coatings and some choose to wrap the vehicle in paint film.

Lift gate lock

Hand pointing to tesla cybertruck trunk

Joe’s second problem with the Cybertruck is that it has a power opening tailgate, but you have to manually close it. “Although it’s kind of cool that it does have soft close,” he says.

Soft close or not, Cybertruck owners might want to be careful when shutting its doors. Some people have already reported injuries from its sharp panels. Another TikToker shared that his tonneau cover wouldn’t close properly. He also recorded what happens when you put your finger in the way of the trunk closing.

Inside windshield

Finger pointing to windshield

No. 3 is the size of the windshield. “This inside windshield is so big that it’s nearly impossible to try and clean anywhere in the front of it,” Joe says. “Which leaves it looking cloudy and dirty all of the time because it’s just impossible to clean.”

According to this forum thread, other owners experience this issue as well.

One user said, “Cleaning the inside of the CT’s windshield can be a challenge being as deeply recessed as it is. I improvised by wrapping a couple of micro fiber cloths around a window cleaning mop on a longish handle, held on by a couple of sprint clips. I spray Windex on the cloth and go to work.”

Other users suggested a product called Windshield Wow, which employs a magnet to accomplish the job.

Middle console

Hand showing car interior

Joe then moves on into the interior of the vehicle. He takes issue with a portion of the middle console. While a the storage compartment under the arrest opens and closes, it seems Joe doesn’t like that the whole console doesn’t move back and forth. “This is stagnat. It doesn’t move,” Joe says while demonstrating how it doesn’t move.

Joe goes on to explain that there is too much space for his liking below it and directly in front of it.

“There’s just a lot of open space down there that I don’t know what to do with,” he says.

Too much attention

Hand in front of truck

And, finally, Joe is not a fan of the attention that comes along with the truck. “This truck draws so much attention that you cannot drive anywhere without people coming up to your window, screaming at you, yelling at you, and just wondering what this is,” Joe says. So if you’re wanting to use this truck to hop in and out of places inconspicuously? “You can’t do it,” Joe says. “Every place you go is going to take 10-15 minutes longer because people want to stop and talk about the truck.”

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The video has amassed more than 1.1 million views in just a couple of days. In the comments, users discuss Joe’s list and add their own opinions to the conversation.

One user wrote, “5 things i hate about my cybertruck EVERYTHING.”

A second user wrote, “Complaining about manually closing it is crazy.”

Another user quipped, “6. Its a complete eyesore.”

Someone else asked, “So y did u buy it?”

The Daily Dot reached out to Joe and Tesla via email for comment.

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