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‘$350 per patient and I have 3 kids’: Mom says pediatrician is charging an annual fee ‘just to be patients there’

'We will be looking for a new pediatrician asap.'


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Posted on Jun 4, 2023   Updated on Jun 5, 2023, 3:06 pm CDT

A Manhattan-based mother shared how her children’s pediatrician is now charging an annual fee of $350 per patient.

The video features TikTok user Chelsea (@cityloveletter) where she reveals the latest “money grab” scheme from companies. In her mind, only in “New York” would this occur.

“Our kids’ pediatrician is now charging an annual fee just to be patients there,” she tells her 16,000 followers. The content creator says she is being charged $350 per child and she has three children. That’s a whopping $1,050 in yearly fees just for being patients. This large price doesn’t include “insurance, fees, or copays.”

“It’s like a broker’s fee but for the pediatrician. Like, would this be acceptable anywhere else?” she concludes the video.

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The Daily Dot reached out to Chelsea via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment. The video amassed 254,000 views as of Sunday, garnering mixed reactions.

“Umm I better be able to get in next day,” one viewer wrote.

“I’m happy [to] pay extra for great care. Pretty sure all the best doctors will eventually go concierge and I’m fine with it,” a second stated.

“They BETTER be able to see my kids immediately if they are sick/hurt instead of sending us to urgent care then!” a third remarked.

In addition, others shared their experiences with this in different states.

“It’s happening in LA too,” one person shared. “Not only pediatricians but my obgyn as well. My Pediatricians fee is 250 a year and ‘VIP’ for $1k a year.”

“I pay that in Westport CT! They call it an ‘admin fee,’” a second revealed.

“Same thing happened to me in DC. I was in my early 20s but most of her regulars were retired,” a third commented.

However, what exactly is an “administration fee?” According to The Center for Advanced Pediatrics, “Many changes have taken place in the health insurance industry in recent years. Services once covered in full are now partially covered with lower payments, covered only under certain circumstances, or in some cases not covered at all.

“We want to provide the highest quality medical care that is based on our families’ needs, but unfortunately, this means providing services that are not covered by insurance companies,” the website states. “We have decided to charge an annual administrative fee to all our families in order that we may continue to provide comprehensive, exceptional care.”

Update 3:05pm CT, June 5, 2023: During an interview with the Daily Dot, Chelsea revealed how the annual fee took effect in April of this year. She received the reason via email.

‘“Based on the economic realities of current times, our strong desire to maintain our valued model, and the financial constraints of practicing in New York City, as of May 2023 we will require the payment of an annual fee,’” the email read.

After receiving the email, the content creator claimed she switched pediatricians immediately. According to Chelsea, once she made the change, the practice informed her how they were getting backlash over this.

“When I called about the camp forms, they said that after the backlash from parents they are leaving the fee up to the families discretion to pay, either in full or in part,” she stated via Instagram direct message. “They said the reasons for paying or not paying could be ‘financial or philosophical’ so I am not sure what we’ll do moving forward. I think they didn’t expect to lose so many families or get the reaction they did.”  

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*First Published: Jun 4, 2023, 2:43 pm CDT