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‘I do not recommend’: Worker shares her schedule of Amazon, DoorDash, and Wag—in one day

‘I’m about to start my third job.’


Phil West


A TikToker apparently familiar with the gig economy laid out her schedule in a video, highlighting three different jobs done between 4am and 3pm.

The video comes from creator @caylafornia, and it’s attracted more than 686,000 views since going up on TikTok April 3. In it, the creator—calling herself both an “independent contractor” and a stay-at-home mom, details three different jobs in a short clip soundtracked to a slice of Saweetie’s “Boss Chick.”

The schedule reads: “Amazon flex 4-8, Wag Dog Walk 10:30, Door dash [sic] 11-3.”

@caylafornia Day in the life of a independent contractor #amazonflex #wagdogwalker #wagdogwalking #doordash #doordasher #independentcontractor #stayathomemom #1099contractor ♬ BO$$ CHICK – Saweetie

Commenters came to the video amazed, and in some cases, wanting her schedule.

“I wanna do this; I’m tired of my regular job,” one commenter observed.

The creator responded, “I am only replacing my part-time job so I made more working 15 hrs this week than I would working 25. This video was a extreme day; I do not recommend.”

Another person cheered her on from the sidelines, remarking, “You go girl!!! This is the future!”

Yet another commenter saw the genius in it, remarking, “That is such a brilliant schedule. Time left over for yourself, errands and sleep.”

Some already had her schedule or something resembling it. As one said, “This is me asf!! Amazon flex, few dog walks but not on an app my actual small business, instacart, dog training, another Amazon flex!”

Another noted, “Girl same! Amazon, Instacart, and then Spark.”

Yet another mixed it up a bit, noting, “Same! Start flex in the morning anywhere between 3-7, then doordash/Uber and try to get a evening flex block.”

One commenter, staring into the abyss, noted, “Bro, honestly I’m glad I reached the side of TikTok because I’m about to start my third job. What kind of world we live in.”

But others had concerns and questions.

One commenter wondered, “When do you sleep?”

She quipped, “Between 3 p.m. and 3 a.m.”

Another said, “No amount of anything could motivate me for this type of lifestyle,” but added a “Kudos!”

And one commenter condemned the gig economy outright, saying, “Having to kill yourself working is not a flex. They have one with the exact mentality they want you to have.”

The video landed on the Daily Dot’s radar previously this week, where writer Jack Alban observed: “The United States officially hit its worst rate of inflation in 40 years during the summer of 2022, with experts speculating that there’s a 64% chance the country will enter into a recession before 2023 is up. The cost of living has also skyrocketed for many citizens, with the USDA reporting that food prices are expected to go up even higher throughout the year, not to mention that housing continues to be a massive problem for both homeowners and lenders alike as banks are, on average, losing money on loans because of turgid property valuation.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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