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‘Just got mine and it was $375’: Costco shoppers receive their 2% cash back from shopping there all year. Is it worth it?

'As long as it covers the next year’s fee.'


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Posted on Jan 23, 2024   Updated on Jan 23, 2024, 10:59 am CST

A Costco shopper commemorated the moment his family opened their Costco Executive Membership 2% Annual Return and was disappointed with the results.

TikToker 90ozDad (@90zdad) filmed the short clip after reportedly receiving a letter from Costco in the mail. The video has been viewed 4 million times as of publication.

“All right, this is a big moment. This right here is our Costco Membership. That means every year we get almost, what, 2% back? of our purchases for the prior year,” he said, handing the envelope to his daughter and asking her and his wife to guess how much they’d get back.

Guesses ranged from $375 to $420. Unfortunately, their guesses were too high. According to the daughter, the family received around $187 back from their purchases for the year.

In the comments section, many viewers shared how much they got back from their shopping.

“My nanas came in around $680 haha. She only uses her Costco card and pays it completely off every month,” one said.

“As long as it pays for my membership, I call it a win. We usually get $450 back but we’re a family of 6 and do all our shopping there!” another wrote.

“Mine was like 140 which paid for the membership at least,” a third added.

@90zdad Our annual purchase return from 2023 has arrived!!! #costcocheck #costco #guessinggame ♬ original sound – 90zDad

Other Costco Shoppers discussed their shopping habits and the benefits of Executive Membership.

“People are forgetting that the executive membership is much more than just the 2% reward. It’s access to all the cool Costco services. Like pet insurance, auto insurance, solar discounts, travel discounts and a lot more,” a viewer said.

“I hide it from my husband and lie to him about how much we get back… because that’s a direct link to what ‘we’ spend,” another admitted.

“Only worth it if your rebate will come up enough to cover the membership price or more,” one argued.

“I’d be buying the same amount regardless…Just now I get back $300-400 per year. You’re the one paying more than you need to…” another countered.

Costco Executive Membership comes with many benefits. A major one is the 2% annual reward. Members can earn up to $1,000 back every year on qualified purchases, including travel. Also, the rewards never expire. In addition, Executive Membership provides customers access to Costco travel, which gives deals on hotel and rental car purchases. There are also services like auto & home insurance, bottled water delivery, and pet insurance.

Costco benefits are a big reason shoppers pay for membership. Fan favorites include a giant cookie that only costs $2. Others have pointed out that Costco shoppers can utilize the store for almost anything, including buying coffins.

The Daily Dot reached out to 90ozDad via TikTok comments and Costco via media request form for further information.

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*First Published: Jan 23, 2024, 3:00 pm CST