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‘I think they felt sorry for me’: McDonald’s customer orders 2 packets of ketchup through DoorDash. It was $8.66

'I know there’s inflation but $8.66 for a few packets of ketchup!?!?'


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Posted on Jun 7, 2023

McDonald’s fans know the pleasure of eating their usual, but they also know the pain of a wrong order. TikToker Jane Lu (@thelazyceo) recently posted a video that may take the cake when it comes to wrong McDonald’s orders — she received two packets of ketchup for $8.66.

Jane details the experience in a three part saga.

@thelazyceo I know there’s inflation but $8.66 for a few packets of ketchup!?!? 🥲 #stillhungry ♬ original sound – Jane Lu

In her first video, which garnered over 342,000 views, Jane records her experience of ordering a cheeseburger and two packets of ketchup. However, when her delivery arrived she discovers that she didn’t order the cheeseburger at all. Instead, she paid $8.66 for two packets of McDonald’s ketchup.

“I thought I ordered a cheeseburger with two packets of ketchup sauce. And it was 8 dollar which I was like that’s good,” Jane says, pressing her hand to her face.

She turns the camera towards the delivery bag, showing four packets of ketchup at the bottom. “Turns out I ordered just two packets of ketchup. I just literally had a DoorDash delivery bag with two packets of ketchup.”

Jane picks up the McDonald’s ketchup packets. “And I think they felt sorry for me and they gave me four packets of ketchup. I can’t eat this!”

Users were floored and speculated how the mistake could have been made.

“We need to see the receipt,” a user said.

Another user responded, “I mean, I paused it & can see the receipt on the bag says ‘2 Ketchup packets’ no price tho.”

“Lol imagine what the Maccas worker and delivery driver thought,” a commenter joked, imagining the McDonald’s workers fulfilling the order for two ketchup packets.

“I know there’s inflation but $8.66 for a few packets of ketchup!?!?” asked one confused user.

“You paid for the service and delivery fee,” another user explained.

In Jane’s second video, which received 75,4000 views, she shows her receipt from the McDonald’s ketchup packet order and the subsequent cheeseburger she ordered to go with her packets. In total she paid $25 dollars for her meal.

@thelazyceo Replying to @Ashy 💜 ♬ original sound – Jane Lu

The third video that has 11,000 views as of this writing, provides a break down of her ketchup packet fiasco, showing that McDonald’s charges 30 cents per packet. Her costs really came from DoorDash, which charged her a $4.99 delivery fee, a 7 cents service fee, and $3 dollars for a small order fee.

An exchange between two users perfectly summed up her delivery experience.

“No one thought to call you about it before packing the order?!” one user asked, wondering why the McDonald’s workers didn’t question the strange order of ketchup packets.

Another replied, “It’s a weird world where people actually just order ketchup.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Jane via TikTok comments and DoorDash and McDonald’s via email.

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*First Published: Jun 7, 2023, 11:50 pm CDT