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‘WTF EVER HAPPENED TO JOBS JUST GHOSTING YOU?’: Job hunter receives 14-page packet of why job won’t hire them

’14 pages seems oddly personal.’


Eric Webb


Anyone who’s fought through the job application process in the past several years knows that it’s a jungle out there. Prospective employers ghosting you? Never even receiving a response to your application? All par for the course these days.

One TikTok creator had the opposite problem.

Creator Seishe Daye (@seishedaye) recently posted a viral video about a prospective employer who was perhaps too responsive for her taste. 

The video has more than 95,000 views and 14,000 likes.

@seishedaye LIKE DAMN yall had your little hiring manager TEXTING ME for two weeks and you couldnt just text me “no thanks” or some shit like DAMN #seishedaye #job #jobapplication ♬ original sound – Aaron 🫢

In the video, Date flips through a packet of paper. The on-screen text overlay reads, “WTF EVER HAPPENED TO JOBS JUST GHOSTING YOU? THESE MFs SENT ME A 14 PAGE PACKET OF WHY THEY WON’T HIRE ME.”

Daye used a popular sound clip from The Wendy Williams Show, in which the meme-queen talk show host describes an instance of bullying, where someone taunted her with the insult “Wendy Whale-iams is a fat whale.”

“LIKE DAMN yall had your little hiring manager TEXTING ME for two weeks and you couldnt just text me ‘no thanks’ or some sh*t like DAMN,” Daye captioned her video.

One person in the comments wrote, “‘We’re hiring’ *applies* ‘not you tho’ smh.” Daye replied, “nah bc they were talking about how they’re urgently hiring and i’m the top candidate and two weeks later i get this?”

When a commenter asked what the packet contained, the creator replied, “Let’s just say I did not pass the background check.” In a different response to a commenter, Daye wrote that the job in question was at a gas station.

Another commenter wrote, “14 pages seems oddly personal.”

“I just need an email not a dissertation,” one viewer chimed in.

“I’d post on all my socials n tell them to go leave bad google reviews. I’d be speechless,” someone commented.

“Like just say ur not gonna consider my application and be done with it,” one comment read.

Some commenters have had the opposite problem, like the person who added, “What ever happened to jobs letting you know you didn’t get it? I’ve been ghosted by 4 jobs now. One I got an interview and never heard back.”

Like we said, the breakdown in communication between people looking for jobs and people looking to hire has become a hot topic on TikTok.

Creator Sho Dewan (@workhap) recently posted a video trying to help job-seekers understand why they keep getting rejected by employers. A couple potential reasons: The company ends up going with an internal hire, or the hiring manager didn’t actually know what they wanted before they got to the interview phase.

The Daily Dot reached out to Daye via TikTok.

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