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‘I Got REJECTED by McDonald’s’: Job-hunter ghosted by McDonald’s manager after 2 interviews

‘I’m still checking my phone hoping she calls.’


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A McDonald’s job applicant thought he had the role in the bag. He got a second interview and was asked about his clothing sizes—presumably to get a uniform. The hopeful employee, however, said that the fast food chain ended up ghosting him.

The tale of woe comes from Redditor u/Jumpy_Tumbleweed3816, who posted his story to the r/McDonaldsEmployees subreddit. He called the experience, “an all-time low for me.”

“I Got REJECTED by McDonald’s,” he captioned his post. “But why?” 

I Got REJECTED by McDonald’s but why?
by u/Jumpy_Tumbleweed3816 in McDonaldsEmployees

The 20-year-old said that he arrived at his first interview—which was in early July—with a McDonald’s manager 10 minutes early. “Everything seemed like it went great,” he said, adding, “She even asked me my availability and what… my shirt, pants, and shoe sizes [were] and she writes that information down!”

He said that he interviewed with a general manager three days later and things went smoothly then, too. “At the end of the interview,” he recalled, “she tells me she will have a talk with the other manager that interviewed me the first time.” He said that the two managers wanted to “get the ball rolling with the next step.”

But three weeks passed. And the Redditor said that he never heard back. 

“I’m still checking my phone hoping she calls,” the job applicant said. “What makes me feel even more depressed is that this is my local McDonald’s. It’s literally 2 blocks away from my house.”

Several fellow Redditors tried to assure him that it was probably nothing personal. 

“Try a different location?” one suggested. “Most stores will genuinely hire anyone, you just got unlucky, I doubt it’s anything [personal] about you.”

“Maybe she forgot,” another added.

“Sounds like they didn’t reject you, but just forgot,” a third viewer offered. “Call them and ask to speak to one of the managers that interviewed you and politely ask [if] they want you to start soon.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to u/Jumpy_Tumbleweed3816 via Reddit direct message.

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