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Huh Cat is here for all of life’s most dumbfounding moments

We have all been huh cat.


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Huh cat meme references a short video that shows a confused-looking black and white cat opening his mouth and making a sound that sounds just like “huh.” The meme originated on TikTok and has become beloved on the internet. Many can’t get enough of his curious expressions and unusual meows.

What is the name of the huh cat?

This meme stars a cat named Ben Cat, owned by TikToker @benchonkycat. The overweight black and white cat’s hijinks are the whole focus of the account. Though Ben is very vocal, he also appears pretty patient. He allows his owner to put a hat on him, pick him up, and capture his many majestic meows.

@benchonkycat Replying to @nyippaa #benderchonkycat#original ♬ original sound – BenChonkyCat

Did the cat actually say “huh?”

Ben, the Australian cat from the huh memes, is definitely getting vocal. He’s not saying what you think, however. The original video shared by his owner shows the cat making very expressive faces as he meows loudly.

The cat moves his neck, makes eye contact, and even changes his tone as he addresses his owner. He makes it clear he’s got something to say.

huh cat original

The TikToker says these theatrics are the norm for the chonky boy, who has no shame in yelling for food according to his owner. His emotive face and mouth make him a funny beggar.

The “huh” sound wasn’t added over the video of Ben meowing until it began being used as a meme.

Meme origin

We all know the internet loves a cat meme. The huh cat first came into meme territory when the video, with text overlaid, started circulating as a reaction meme on Russian TikTok.

huh cat with russian text that reads 'where are the discounts?'

Ben appeared in a few memes across Russian TikTok before 2022 when it was dubbed over with the “huh” for the first time by TikToker @21pamix. The video was so perfectly timed with the cat’s meow that many were convinced Ben himself was saying it.

Presenting Ben as the huh cat opened up a lot of new meme potential. The cat quickly became a mascot for all our most clueless and confused moments — and there are plenty.

Huh cat memes

yapping cow as dad telling kid (huh cat) about car repair
huh cat in meme that reads 'when the day crew asks what gone done last night'
huh cat yelling with caption 'me at work after putting 'fast learner' on your resume'
classroom full of huh cats with caption 'POV: teacher is going to take a surprise test'
huh cat in grocery store aisle with caption 'When you left early all week and your paycheck doesn't show a full 40 hours'
huh cat with yapping cow in meme 'i learned perfecetly English in Japan'
huh cat with caption 'when you've asked them to repeat themselves three times already but you still have no idea what they said'
tweet with huh cat image that reads 'back on twit-x to say i feel like the 'hUH' cat almost daily girl '
huh cat with two drawings of the same cat in a tweet that reads 'my mum is obsessed with silly cat videos and i need everyone to know that with no communication abt it me and my sister both drew the 'huh?' cat in her mother’s day cards'
huh cat with caption 'when someoen gives me verbal instructions instead of writing them down'
huh cat as steve harvey hosting family feud

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