tiger woods saying 'big dog' while giving a high-five


The Tiger Woods big dog meme goes big

“When you have zero clue what the middle office guy’s name is.”


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The Tiger Woods “big dog” meme is an image of the legendary golfer from a tournament that became a “me when” joke on Twitter. The trend spread after the official PGA account posted footage of Woods greeting a caddy by calling him “big dog” and slapping his hand, remarking that this was “Tiger being Tiger.”

The greeting combined with Woods’ standard expression, which tends to appear tired and a bit gloomy, resulted in one of those quick-burning sports memes that still shows up now and again.

What is the Tiger Woods ‘big dog’ meme?

Tiger Woods big dog meme about forgetting names.

The meme itself is simply a screenshot from the PGA footage showing Woods with his hand in the air and looking downward as he prepares to slap hands with someone off-camera. The look on his face guided people toward “me when” jokes about situations in which they feel unenthusiastic or unsure, like when you’re greeting someone whose name you’ve forgotten.

Of course, the phrase “big dog” also resulted in a lot of cracks about literal large canines, which can be intimidating in certain situations, even though many of the large breeds are the sweetest babies.

Tiger Woods big dog meme about pit bulls.

Who is ‘big dog’?

The individual referred to as “big dog” by Woods in the video was a caddy for the golfer’s son, Charlie. The young man’s name is Luke Wise, and he was assisting during the annual PNC Championship—a golfing tournament that pairs up PGA Tour and Champions Tour athletes with their kids.

Wise is a high school teammate of Charlie, who attends the Benjamin School, an independent college-preparatory academy, in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. He’s reportedly a talented golfer in his own right and fans of the game may see more of him in the future.

Tiger Woods big dog meme origins

The 2023 PNC Championship took place in December 2023, and the official PGA Tour Twitter account posted the meme’d footage on December 16. The video starts with the moment from the meme as Woods tries to hype up his son’s caddy.

“Big dog,” says Woods. “Let’s get to work.”

The golfer goes on to joke with Wise about “crop dusting” the nearby camera operator, a term which is widely known as a euphemism for farting. Somehow, this got less attention than the “big dog” remark.

The Woods team ended up tying for 5th place in the tournament, losing to five-time winner Bernhard Langer and his 23-year-old son Jason from Germany. In spite of the loss, Woods commented that he enjoyed the time with his kid and the other golfers.

“To have both my kids out there the last two days has been so special,” he said. “Just grateful for us to be able to have these types of experiences, for Charlie and I to have done this for four years in a row now since the start of COVID, to be able to come out here, and for all of us as families to come out and enjoy the week, it’s special.”

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