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That frumpy-looking photo of Trump is fake

A photoshopped image of the Donald Trump has the trolls on Twitter running wild with ideas of what the president keeps hidden beneath his coat.


Tess Cagle

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A rather alarming photo of President Donald Trump began circulating on Twitter on Sunday, where the president looks, well, unwell—to say the least.

It turns out, the photo above is a manipulated and photoshopped version of a different photo. Even the original photo, however, shows why the president typically forgoes buttoning up his entire coat. 

Of course, that didn’t stop folks on Twitter from running wild with the photo, trying to guess what exactly is hiding beneath Trump’s coat.

The most popular hypothesis is that Trump is actually just three kids on top of each other inside a trench coat.

Meanwhile, as trolls made jabs at his weight and seemingly lack of style, Trump was tweeting about golf.

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