Sacha Baron Cohen uses a pedophile detector on Roy Moore


Sacha Baron Cohen and his Showtime series Who Is America? has already forced the resignation of a Georgia lawmaker and tricked gun lobbyists into saying kids should be armed. The show is only three weeks old, yet Cohen seems to be the only comedian who understands how to sling mud in the Trump era.

This week, Cohen really pushed the envelope by asking Roy Moore, the Alabama judge accused of sexual misconduct by numerous underage women, if he’s a pedophile.

Cohen once again posed as Israeli anti-terrorism expert Col. Erran Morad and sat down with Moore to showcase the latest in Israeli technology—a gadget that can detect sex offenders.

Morad demonstrates the wand that can detect sex offenders with “99.8 percent accuracy” that only goes off when waved over Moore’s body. When the wand beeps, alerting Morad and his camera crew that Moore might be a pedophile, the anti-terrorism expert asks if possibly Moore lent his coat to someone.

Moore and his team have yet to comment on the segment, which aired last night. He’s probably too busy filing lawsuits.

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Chris Illuminati

Chris Illuminati

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