The intersection of the internet and the state.

Anti-abortion centers are getting around Google’s misinformation policy
Google's policy only works for specific keyword searches.
Twitter, Facebook remove Chinese accounts spreading Hong Kong misinformation
The social media giants made announcements around the same time.
Facebook-branded coffee shops are coming
Patrons will be encouraged to run a privacy checkup on their account.
Twitter hosts China-backed ads maligning Hong Kong protesters
Bookmarking platform Pinboard is calling on users to hold Twitter accountable.
Kellyanne Conway brushes off recession fears, calls it ‘Sesame Street word of the day’
Trump has also pushed back at the idea of a looming recession.
Conservatives are livid the New York Times is writing articles about slavery
After a week upsetting the left, the New York Times is upsetting the right.
Iceland holds funeral for first glacier to melt
Event was to draw attention to climate change.
Your wireless data is probably being throttled, study finds
A report from the same researchers last year prompted questions from lawmakers.
The 2020 Democratic presidential candidates as La Croix flavors
America's seltzer is more mainstream than a lot of 2020 Democratic contenders.
Marvel asked ‘Maus’ author to remove Trump reference from essay–he refused
'An Orange Skull haunts America,' Spiegelman wrote in reference to Trump.
Barstool Sports founder under investigation for anti-union tweets
He repeatedly threatened to fire his employees if they unionized.
The Daily Wire accused of stealing art design from pop artist for its merchandise
'Real lame move of the Daily Wire to rip me off.'
Chuck E. Cheese recycles pizza is the conspiracy theory that won’t die
No matter how often it is debunked, people want to believe.
QAnon supporters claim they couldn’t sport Q attire at Trump rally
'People on the left would paint us as the bad guys.'
Pete Buttigieg says he’s not in favor of the DH in baseball
'I feel like you ought to have to play both parts of the inning,' he said.
Senator: Zuckerberg’s testimony ‘incomplete’ after Messenger transcription report
'At that hearing, I asked you specifically if Facebook uses audio...'