The intersection of the internet and the state.

Mueller report expected to be released later this week
It's expected to be made public on Thursday.
Ilhan Omar says she’s seen an increase in death threats since Trump’s 9/11 tweet
Omar released a statement about the video on Sunday night.
Pete Buttigieg is at the center of far-right pundit’s ‘sodomite’ conspiracy
The pundit says it will lead to a lesbian running, too.
Trump offers advice to Boeing: ‘fix’ and ‘rebrand’ planes after fatal crashes
The suggestion caught the attention of people online.
Law enforcement using Google location history to find potential suspects
Google's 'Sensorvault' is a treasure trove of information for law enforcement.
Silk Road 2.0 founder sentenced to more than 5 years in prison
Thomas White was originally arrested in 2014.
Democrats respond to Trump’s 9/11 video attacking Ilhan Omar
Omar's speech from March was taken out of context.
Twitter is obsessed with this demon version of Beto O’Rourke
'Down in Texas when we say 'way down south,' we mean in hell.'
A hologram of Andrew Yang is hitting the campaign trail
The 3D hologram could allow him to be in up to three different places at once.
Mike Pence insists Trump’s love for WikiLeaks was not an ‘endorsement’
On Thursday Trump said he knew 'nothing' about the organization.
Democratic senator announces ‘Privacy Bill of Rights Act’
The bill aims to help protect consumers with data protection.
Video shows cops punched and dragged 16-year-old girl down stairs
The cops initially claimed she initiated the violence and that she’d caused all of them to ‘fall’ down the stairs.
Why Julian Assange’s extradition could take years—if it happens at all
Julian Assange's case will move through an exhaustive appeals process that may last years, and that's if Sweden doesn't issue a competing extradition request.
Why QAnon followers are giddy about Julian Assange’s arrest
In QAnon land, nothing is as it seems.
Instagram bug made random people’s Stories appear for some users
The company says the issue only affected 'a small number' of accounts.