The intersection of the internet and the state.

Mark Zuckerberg won’t get into specifics about dinner he had with Trump
Zuckerberg didn't seem keen on talking about the meeting.
Video shows police officer slamming man to curb during arrest
The officer has been removed from policing duties.
As internet access restored in Iran, videos showing government abuses leak out
The government claims its actions were justified.
YouTube, Google have removed over 300 Trump campaign ads
It's unclear what policies the ads violated.
Joe Biden nibbling wife’s finger is now a meme
'The entire upper third of the finger, directly in the center of the mouth.'
It will soon be a crime in China to post deepfakes without disclosure
The new online content rules also apply to anything China deems 'fake news.'
Facebook complies with Singapore’s controversial ‘fake news’ law
The city-state claims a post accusing it of election rigging is false–so Facebook dubbed it as such.
7 books you can read about the Trump White House
A lot of books have been written about this administration. Here are a few of the more well known ones.
The most popular Trump GIFs on the internet
Some of the funniest GIFs of the president.
Republican hoping to unseat Ilhan Omar reportedly banned from Twitter after hanging tweets
The hopeful challenger's account reportedly violated Twitter's rules.
Guy suspected of throwing buckets of poop on people arrested
He had five victims in four days.