The intersection of the internet and the state.

Ben Shapiro says his ‘man body’ is just as controlled as women’s
'I'm not allowed to use my body to smack my employees. I'm not allowed to use my body to sell drugs.'
Nintendo Switch subreddit implodes amid Hong Kong protests
'It's beyond politics, it's a human rights issue. Don't you get that?'
Biden yelling at Warren becomes relatable workplace meme
Others are calling it a 'bad look.'
Tulsi Gabbard was conservatives’ favorite debater
She certainly wasn't Democrats' favorite.
AOC, ‘Squad’ to endorse Bernie Sanders
Sanders seemed to hint at the endorsement during Tuesday's debate.
Andrew Yang upset porn fans with his criticism of Bing
'Andrew Yang just tattled on himself for not watching porn by slandering Bing.'
Bernie Sanders jokes he didn’t use medical marijuana before tonight’s debate
The joke drew applause and laughter from the audience at the debate.
Warren says she doesn’t have a ‘beef with billionaires’
She also defended her wealth tax.
Wait, who the heck is Tom Steyer?
Exactly who is this guy?
Trump Jr. mocked for Hunter Biden tweet about profiting from dad’s name
'Dude your name is literally your dad's full name.'
#DeleteFacebook trends amid report of Zuckerberg meeting with prominent conservatives
This isn't the first time the hashtag has picked up steam.
‘Fake news’ is helping conspiracy theorists deny Turkish atrocities
One mistake is lending credence to absurd beliefs.
John Bolton becomes the most uncomfortable resistance hero yet
Bolton reportedly had reservations about what was happening with Ukraine.