The intersection of the internet and the state.

Cop charged with beating her 8-year-old daughter after she posted a YouTube video
The officer has been charged with felony injury to a child.
Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad can’t stop responding to tweets today
The former Iranian president may be plotting a comeback.
Stormy Daniels jokes Trump is into bestiality after he calls her ‘horseface’
Daniels shot back, calling the president 'Tiny.'
Indigenous Americans call out Elizabeth Warren’s dangerous DNA analysis
Blood quantum has long been used to discriminate against Native Americans.
New anti-Ted Cruz ad steps up to defend Whataburger
Stop trying to make "Triple meat Whataburger liberal" happen, Ted.
Melania Trump camp calls for T.I. boycott following suggestive rap video
The rapper's new teaser video divides Twitter.
Ivanka Trump has an ingenious new plan to stop criticism of her tweets
Perhaps all Trump family tweets should come with a disclaimer.
Trump Jr. can’t stop posting about Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test
Part of the Trump family was on the offensive.
Study: 99.7 percent Of FCC comments were in favor of net neutrality
99.7 percent of the comments opposed the agency's plan to repeal net neutrality. 
Chinese social media star spends 5 days in jail for botching national anthem
China is serious when it comes to regulating online content.
Kanye West’s ‘iPlane 1’ idea is 6 years old—and it’s not even his
But the designer seems stoked that West likes his idea.
Julian Assange’s cat gets caught up in Ecuador’s new rules for internet use
The protocol is part of a move to restore the WikiLeaks founder's communications.
Tech companies disclose ad spending, but it’s still a nightmare to track
Tech companies are disclosing information, but it's still a nightmare to get through.
Minnesota Senate candidate compared Michelle Obama to ‘chimp’ on Facebook
The posts were in reference to the movie 'Bedtime for Bonzo.'