A glimpse of the comic shows a porn truck, a 'flag burning area', a lesbian couple and abortion on 'sale'


Liberals love this cartoon about ‘the future the Left wants’

It shows abortion clinics and 'pot-mart' so, who's complaining?


Samira Sadeque


Posted on Aug 13, 2019   Updated on May 20, 2021, 6:34 am CDT

A comic aiming to mock the American left and their demands has backfired after a user posted it late on Sunday evening: 


Twitter user Lane, whose bio says he’s an attorney in Odessa, Texas, posted a comic with the caption “This is the future the Left wants.”

The future liberals (and the left) want is a popular meme among conservatives, talking about how left-wing politics will destroy the nation.

This comic shows a city block with abortion clinics and widespread advertisement of porn, as though any of those are a bad thing. 

One building reads “U.S. Government Abortion Clinic” with a window that says “Abortions” and “SALE.” Another sign hangs above the building, reading “Abortions on demand.”

There’s also a “Pot Mart” advertising “buds, bongs & beyond,” right underneath a sign that reads “Got porn?” 

A park shows a “Designated flag burning area” with a person burning a flag. A lesbian couple and a gay couple are seen being affectionate in different corners of the park. At the center is a statue of Bill Clinton getting a blowjob.

The irony of the cartoon is that it’s intended to look like a dystopian future of sorts. 

But people were quick to point that out that abortion clinics being funded enough to have cinema arrow signs and plenty of marijuana isn’t too bad. 

Some pointed out the obvious inaccuracies about the portrayal of the left:

And too many people are (justifiably) upset at the sacrilegious lack of taco trucks, a reference to a right-wing meme about Hillary Clinton.



Some commented with their version of “right-wing dystopia.”

Artist Rhiannon Rotondo responded by replacing the text with “No abortions by demand of govt,” “U.S. Govt Klan Klinic,” “Guns, Cages & Beyond,” and “Central ICE Distribution.”



The comic is signed but it’s not clear who the artist is. Lane implied in a follow-up tweet that he didn’t draw it and it was posted as satire:



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*First Published: Aug 13, 2019, 1:05 pm CDT