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The weekend’s top internet stories

Jake Paul being connected to Pizzagate, a repeat offender Karen, and more.


Eilish O'Sullivan


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An elderly ‘Subway Karen’ accused a young girl of being a hacker. She was just watching a YouTube video. Here’s what else caught our attention this weekend:

  • Essential Workers Don’t Get Paid Enough for This Sh*t
  • Conspiracy Theorists Are Tying Jake Paul to Pizzagate After FBI raid
  • From Planet Fitness to an Antique Store, ‘DMV Karen’ Loves Harassing Employees at Different Businesses

A Karen claimed to be with a nonexistent—and already debunked—federal agency, the Freedom to Breathe Agency, all so she could intimidate a worker regarding the store’s mask policy. A male Karen scraped social distancing stickers off another store’s floor in the name of “justice, freedom, and love.” These viral moments had online spectators crying out: Essential workers don’t get paid enough for this sh*t. 

Catch up on another Karen story and more below. 

—Eilish O’Sullivan, news wire editor

jake paul child trafficking conspiracy
Jake Paul/YouTube (Fair Use) Mikael Thalen

Conspiracy Theorists Are Tying Jake Paul to Pizzagate After FBI raid

The FBI has confirmed that the raid on YouTuber Jake Paul’s home is related to an ongoing investigation into allegations that Paul participated in a riot at a shopping mall in Arizona last June. Paul was not home at the time, and no arrests have been made thus far. Firearms were also reportedly removed from the home as a precautionary measure and are not tied to the investigation. But false rumors swirling on Twitter claim that Paul is instead being investigated for drug dealing and sex trafficking children.

Read the full story here.

—Mikael Thalen, contributing writer

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If you’ve considered writing books for kids but aren’t sure where to begin, let R.L. Stine show you the (spooky) way in this MasterClass series.


  • One of my favorite quarantine listens has been KIRBY’s Sis. As Okayplayer’s Robyn Mowatt puts it, “Sis. provides an introspective look into the mind behind her wildly successful tracks ‘FourFiveSeconds’ by Rihanna, Kanye West, and Paul McCartney and ‘Die With You’ by Beyoncé.” Read Mowatt’s full thoughts on the singer-songwriter’s debut album here
  • Random chaos is all around An American Pickle. You wouldn’t expect anything less from its premise, which involves a Jewish ditch digger who falls into a vat of pickles in the early-20th century, where he’s brined for 100 years, and Seth Rogen pulling double-duty as both Herschel Greenbaum (the aforementioned brined man) and his great-grandson Ben in 21st-century Brooklyn.
  • If you’ve ever wondered what being an astronaut is really like, Chris Hadfield can teach you.*


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u/nike_rules/Reddit u/sethninja13/Reddit

From Planet Fitness to an Antique Store, ‘DMV Karen’ Loves Harassing Employees at Different Businesses

The “Karen” who went viral last week for refusing to wear a mask in a DMV has a history of harassing employees over mask mandates. Anna Peric, or “DMV Karen” as the internet knows her, has uploaded at least four videos of herself arguing with employees to her Facebook page. Peric has recorded herself at the DMV and Planet Fitness, among other places, refusing to wear a mask. 

Read the full story here.

—Esther Bell, contributing writer


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