Unite The Right tuba player counter-protester


Twitter makes fun of the quiet fart that was Unite the Right 2

Here are some fresh anti-fascist memes to start your Monday right.


Alex Dalbey


Counter-protesters were prepared for the worst on Sunday, after the first Unite the Right rally—a gathering of chanting neo-Nazis and white supremacists—ended in dozens of injuries and the death of Heather Heyer last year. But its sequel in Washington, D.C., this weekend only garnered a few dozen people—and Twitter is having a ball riffing on this pitiful showing.

Not only did thousands of decent people show up to counter-protest Unite the Right 2, police and press were also there in scores, and each group vastly dwarfed the Unite the Right attendees, who numbered between 20 and 30 people. According to the organizer, Jason Kessler, many people on his side didn’t show up out of fear. Regardless of the reason, left-leaning people on Twitter were happy to see how far the numbers had fallen from last year.


After NPR drew criticism for allowing Jason Kessler to rank races by intelligence on the air, how the press would respond to Unite the Right 2 was at the forefront of people’s minds. Publications like the New York Times have also been heavily criticized for responding to the rise of Nazism by giving neo-Nazis and white supremacists platforms by profiling them. It might be harder for publications to find participants to interview now, but Twitter is sure they will manage to find a way.

While Kessler cited safety fears as the reason so few turned up, some people joked that it was, in fact, the anime convention Otakon that had prevented so many Nazis from attending.

People are already wondering what Unite the Right 3 could look like, and the speculation is wild.


No riffing on alt-righters is complete without referencing conservative men’s apparent inability to clean and care for themselves like adults.

The best anti-Nazi content came from the people on the ground in D.C., where people were physically standing against the bigotry and violence of white nationalists. Most notable was a person playing an anti-Trump light up tuba and a simple message left in chalk for the “alt-right” group the Proud Boys.

Let’s hope we won’t even have to joke about a third franchise next year.

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