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There’s yet another homophobic audio trending on TikTok

Every couple months, a new homophobic audio pops up on TikTok.


Tricia Crimmins


Posted on Jan 18, 2023   Updated on Jan 19, 2023, 7:06 am CST

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In a November 2022 TikTok from @AnabolicGabe, a TikToker who posts about fitness, he asks a female gym buddy if doing hip thrusts—an exercise that consists of putting weight on ones hips and lifting the weight upward with their pelvis—is “for men.” His gym buddy says the exercise is for everyone, but @AnabolicGabe is hesitant. 

“Really? This kind of looks like it’s for girls,” @AnabolicGabe says. She assures him “it’s fine,” but when he starts doing hip thrusts, she takes a photo of him, laughing and saying “ha, you gaybo!” 

In the video’s caption, @AnabolicGabe says he’s never doing hip thrusts again; the implication is that he’ll be refraining because the exercise makes him look gay. 

The audio that @AnabolicGabe used comes from a scene in Family Guy where Lois Griffin tricks her husband, Peter, into wearing a dress. When she sees him in it, she takes his photo and calls him a “gaybo.” But just because this homophobic joke was made on an episode of TV that aired over 9 years ago doesn’t mean it’s okay to make now—nor was it okay to make then.

Other videos under the audio are similar to @AnabolicGabe’s. Men ask women if drinking spiked seltzers, wearing matching bathing suits, using a type of cup, drinking frappe coffees, and using hair oil are “for women.” Then, they’re called “gaybos” for either using the item or doing the activity

TikTokers are even using the audio on their male dogs, and then making fun of them for wearing sweaters or peeing while squatting rather than lifting their legs. 

Why it matters

The butt of the joke is that when men do “girly” things,” they’re gay. And that’s funny because being gay is either funny, or weird, or some other secret homophobic third thing. Point being, this audio is homophobic on top of the fact that it’s being used in a homophobic way.

Every couple months, a new homophobic audio pops up on TikTok: think “this one’s definitely fruity,” “how can I be homophobic, my bitch is gay,” and “this one has a little sweetness to it.” Luckily, the “gaybo” is less viral than the others listed—it has only been used in just over 1,000 videos.

Still, the joke it’s making is harmful and reinforces gender stereotypes.

Also, it’s tired and the TikTokers using the audio should know better.

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*First Published: Jan 18, 2023, 6:00 am CST