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‘Ex-gay’ GOP operative stunned to learn conservative Christians are homophobic

The internet doesn't have much sympathy for him.


Claire Goforth


Posted on Dec 30, 2022

A Republican operative who has described himself as “ex-gay” and “ex-trans” is stunned to learn that conservative Christians are homophobic.

Kevin Whitt is a conservative anti-trans activist. He previously worked for the Texas GOP but lost his job after attending the Capitol riot and spreading the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, per the Texas Tribune.

Last month, the right-wing National Pulse reported that Whitt was campaigning for a Republican write-in congressional candidate at the center of a case about a transgender child. Whitt told the outlet, “That lifestyle is not for anybody and certainly not for children.”

In September, Whitt told the Epoch Times that drag events target children for “grooming,” repeating a transphobic talking point that has become a centerpiece of conservatives’ culture wars and attacks on the LGBTQ community.

Whitt seems to have recently realized that homophobia is pervasive among Christian conservatives and they aren’t inclined to turn that judgment inward.

In a lengthy Facebook post earlier this week, Whitt lamented that Christians condemn gay and transgender people to hell, but won’t do the same for other supposedly sinful behaviors, such as adultery, divorce, or gluttony.

“Straight people have no idea what it’s like to live in a body u don’t feel comfortable in and attracted to a person that if you dare to love ur told you are going to burn in hell for all of eternity!!” Whitt wrote. “But everyone acts like H O M O S E X U A L I T Y is the cardinal sin.”

He said many gay people wish they could be straight because the Christian faith teaches them that “homosexuality is a choice” for which they will be eternally damned, which scares them into conversion therapy.

“…[I]t’s just not that easy!” Whitt wrote, adding that “it’s not a choice.” He further opined, falsely, that being gay is caused by suffering abuse and neglect in childhood.

Whitt concluded by saying that “no one wants to talk about” how many times adultery is mentioned in the Bible and finished the post with #HypocrisyIsReal.

Some people were less than sympathetic to Whitt, given his transphobic activism.

“Wow, the dude who’s been pushing hate against portions of the LGBT community is absolutely shocked when his portion gets hated too. Tragic,” one commented on his post.

Whitt seemingly denied fomenting hate against LGBTQ people by claiming that he didn’t know what the person was talking about.

Multiple people posted the “leopards eating people’s faces party” meme in replies to his post, which refers to the “parody of regretful voters who vote for cruel and unjust policies (and politicians) and are then surprised when their own lives become worse as a result.,” per KnowYourMeme.

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Twitter users were similarly unmoved by Whitt’s distress.

“Fucking around and finding out,” @Darkerdesigns66 commented. “Bless his Lil heart.”

Another wrote, “Even if they think they’re safe, the leopards always come for them.”

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*First Published: Dec 30, 2022, 3:08 pm CST