security camera footage on tv woman on floor putting blankets on caption 'throwback when I tried to call off at T-Mobile an they didn't let me so I dead went to sleep at work' (l) T-Mobile store man at checkout (c) security camera footage on tv woman in blankets on floor sleeping caption 'throwback when I tried to call off at T-Mobile an they didn't let me so I dead went to sleep at work' (r)

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‘What do you mean they wouldn’t let you? I can’t come in and das dat’: T-Mobile worker goes to sleep on the job after manager allegedly denies time off request

‘I was definitely overworked.’


Braden Bjella


A user on TikTok went viral this week after sharing a story from her time working at T-Mobile. 

User @africansbest claims that, after her manager refused her request to call out of work, she came into the office and proceeded to take a nap. As evidence, @africansbest provides security footage dated Aug. 25, 2019.

The video currently has over a million views.

“Throwback [to] when I tried to call off at T-Mobile an they didn’t let me so I dead went to sleep at work,” the TikToker wrote in the text overlaying the video.

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The TikToker narrates the footage, which features her on the floor with a covering, saying, “I was really sleeping, like, I wasn’t even using my phone.”

At first, commenters on TikTok simply enjoyed the humorous nature of the video.

“Its the tablecloth blanket for me,” one user joked.

“You weren’t even using your phone that’s how you know you were beat,” another user added.

Others asked for updates on the situation. According to @africansbest, she was not fired for the incident as she was “​​really good in sales.” 

“I kept working there,” she wrote. “I was definitely overworked.”

Other commenters questioned the idea of “asking” for time off, explaining that if she truly could not work, the order to take the day off should be a statement, not a question.

“What do you mean they wouldn’t let you?” one user asked. “I can’t come in and das dat.”

“I’m so confused…wym LET you?” another TikToker agreed. “I said I’m not coming in end of discussion.”

Even more users detailed their stories of either napping on the job or having their time off requests denied.

“When I was a cna working NOC shifts I would sleep in the nearest empty room so I could hear the call light go off and wake up and do my job,” a commenter recalled.

“I remember one time I was so sick an they didn’t believe me till I threw up,” @africansbest replied.

A few claimed they were made to work while sick with COVID.

“Went in with a fever and what I think was COVID in 2019 during Christmas,” one remembered. “I was fainting while at work and that was the only way they believed me.”

“My manager made me come in with Covid when I worked at a gym so I was sleeping at the sales desk in front of customers,” another alleged.

The Daily Dot reached out to @africansbest via TikTok comment.

Update 1:56pm CT, June 18: In an email to Daily Dot, a spokesperson for T-Mobile shared that the company offers paid time-off benefits and that it encourages sick employees to stay home.

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