Sean Lennon’s mansplaining tweet perfectly illustrates mansplaining

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Well, that went about as expected.

Mansplaining: the portmanteau that puts a name to this guy trying to tell an actual astronaut about basic physics. It’s a term that highlights rampant sexism seen far and wide, from our political elections to our day-to-day lives. But, is it sexist?

That’s what musician Sean Lennon seems to believe, as he indicated on Twitter Friday night.

Naturally, followers were curious. Could this man mansplain why mansplaining is sexist?

Yes he can.

And rightfully, he got owned.

Perhaps the most troubling series of missives following the “mansplaining” tweet came not from Lennon, but from accounts he retweeted calling out @Globelamp, aka Elizabeth Le Fey, a former member of the psych-rock outfit Foxygen who dated and was allegedly abused by frontman Sam France. The two have become publicly embattled after Le Fey called for a boycott of Desert Daze, a Joshua Tree festival she is legally barred from enjoying due to Foxygen’s participation. This was Lennon’s response:

Needless to say, Lennon hasn’t been shy about his problematic opinions, though he did bother to delete the Hendrix tweet, which Le Fey preserved via Instagram.

Place your bets on when he takes down the “mansplaining” tweet. And when it pops right back up for the sake of accountability.

April Siese

April Siese

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