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Miley Cyrus addresses her ‘ability to dip in and out of’ hip-hop in apology 
She apologized in the comments section of a fan's YouTube video.
#MeToo art exhibit used survivor’s photos without consent
This is the opposite of empowerment.
Snapchat gender swap filter helps student catch cop looking for teen hookup
San Mateo officer continued to have 'explicit' conversation even after learning the user was 16 years old.
Whitney Moore describes abusive relationship with Max Landis
'He is not a safe person to be around.'
Voter behind Biden finger photo says they were ‘shocked’ by candidate’s actions
A photo of Joe Biden is going viral again—but this meme isn't funny.
Halsey pays tribute to assaulted lesbian couple, rips ‘straight pride’ parade during London concert
She wore a shirt that had the now-viral of the photo of the bloodied women on it.
No, these viral ‘natural birth control’ alternatives don’t work
Eating papayas won't keep you from getting pregnant.
Playlist: Luna Shadows picks 15 DIY bands you need to hear
The singer-songwriter has garnered more than 35 million streams without a label.
Central Park Five prosecutor calls Netflix portrayal an ‘outright fabrication’
She says the Netflix series 'defames' her, but people aren't buying it.
‘Same energy’ childhood pics prove nobody really changes
Everyone got in on this Twitter challenge.
Chanel Scurlock is the fifth trans woman killed in last month
Local news outlets keep misgendering her.
Video shows Irish teens harassing Mexican man with anti-immigration slurs
The girls allegedly hit him and broke his earphones
Swipe This! Why did my ex delete photos of me from her Instagram?
Here is what your ex doesn’t owe you: a shrine to your goodness.