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Noname vows to change ‘Room 25’ artwork after artist is arrested for domestic abuse
Fans are sending her potential new art for the album.
Deaf gamers are rating games on their accessibility
The industry still has some massive hurdles to overcome.
Hillary Clinton says Monica Lewinsky’s adult age eradicated Bill Clinton’s abuses of power
Hillary supporters are disappointed in her defense of her husband.
‘A Star is Born’ billboard has become a delightful LGBTQ meme
There were, of course, some borderline NSFW examples.
Google is refusing to comply with a subpoena for the Sh*tty Media Men list
Google's response lends more credence to the theory that the lawsuit is nothing more than an intimidation tactic to bully women into silence.
Proud Boys turn violent after Gavin McInnes event
Three men were arrested following the fight.
A Miami Uber driver said raping female passenger was a ‘perk’ of the job
Uber under fire for flimsy background checks that make it easy for sexual predators to slip through the cracks.
Netflix doc ‘Feminists: What Were They Thinking?’ barely scratches the surface on feminism
The documentary is a collection of stories—but not much more.
Behold the ‘Rainbow wave’: 390 LGBTQ candidates will run in the general election
More than 600 queer people ran this year total, a record-breaking number.
Same-sex mouse couple delivers healthy babies, and humans wonder if they might be next
Even though mice are a long way away from humans, people can’t help but get excited.
White woman calls cops on Black child, says he touched her butt
Neighbors yelled at her to go home.
GoFundMe for Shitty Media Men List creator goes viral after accused man launches lawsuit
Journalists believe Stephen Elliott is trying to intimidate survivors.