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FaZe Banks says Alissa Violet did ‘horrible things’ to him
She previously said he was abusive and cheated on her.
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Jay Leno calls Gabrielle Union a ‘great girl’ after ‘America’s Got Talent’ controversy
Leno wouldn’t comment when TMZ asked if he regretted making a racist joke about Koreans.
Lil Bub dies after bringing us 8 years of joy
Bub lost the battle with a serious bone infection, dying peacefully in her sleep beside her humans.
Tinder, OkCupid don’t screen for sexual predators
'There are definitely registered sex offenders on our free products.'
Queen Elizabeth is very much alive—despite what you may have read on Twitter
The rumors of her death have been greatly exaggerated.
Video shows police officer slamming man to curb during arrest
The officer has been removed from policing duties.
Teens are tough: Here are the best gifts for the Instagram generation under $200
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Alissa Violet says FaZe Banks cheated on her, was abusive
In a late-night tweetstorm, she also said he got violent, breaking eight of her phones and smashing a car windshield.
Child found safe after disappearing with person she met on TikTok
The 11-year-old went missing for hours.
Zoe Saldana says she will report Instagram users spreading fake nudes of her
People have been sharing a fake nude photo of the actress on Instagram.
Dying Star Wars fan gets to watch ‘Rise of Skywalker’ early
The patient did not think he would make it to the film's December release date.
Your Emoji-scopes for December 2019
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