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Vlogger banned from Twitter for disturbing pro-pedophilia posts
Yee's YouTube channel was removed earlier this year for promoting pedophilia.
Columbia University student goes on white supremacy rant in viral video
'White people are the best thing that happened to the world.'
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Kavanaugh votes against hearing Planned Parenthood defunding case
Anti-abortion advocates are disappointed, but pro-choice supporters are breathing a sigh of relief.
Police forcefully yank one-year-old baby from mother’s arms during arrest
The mother’s crime? Sitting on the ground while waiting for assistance.
The ‘universal language’ of Esperanto is thriving on the internet
Finding common ground through common words.
Swipe This! My ex is thriving on Instagram—and it’s making me miserable
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The first professional U.S. transgender boxer just won his first fight
Patricio Manuel made history on Saturday.
Twitch streamer apparently hits partner on video (updated)
Twitch allegedly caught domestic violence on its live stream.
‘Target Tammy’ is the latest white woman to complain about Black people minding their own business
"Target Tammy" joins the parade of white women interrupting Black peoples' days.
A year of apologizing to the internet
The year started with a 'So sorry' and only got worse.