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TikTok admits to hiding content made by fat, LGBTQ, and disabled users
Content created by 'special users' was blocked from the 'for you' page.
Influencer faces wrath of K-pop fans after her son played with penis-shaped soap
'It never bothered me that people were upset about the soap..'
Artists get revenge on art-stealing T-shirt bots
The bots aren't smart enough to recognise a trap. Yet.
Photo of Uber office bathrooms renews concerns about treatment of drivers
Uber said the bathroom signs were a 'mistake.'
MysteryVibe’s Crescendo lets you customize your orgasm
Endless possibilities can lead to overwhelming options.
Bhad Bhabie accused of cultural appropriation, then criticized Black women with her defense
'Y'all hair ain't meant to be straight but y'all glue whole wigs on to your heads.'
Pinterest, the Knot called out for glamorizing plantation weddings (updated)
'Weddings should be a symbol of love and unity. Plantations represent none of those things.'
‘Trayvon Hoax’ screening canceled after George Zimmerman files lawsuit
The documentary aims to discredit witnesses in the Trayvon Martin murder case.
Mailchimp sued for allegedly facilitating sex trafficking
Mailchimp allegedly sent an email promoting a website used by traffickers.
Sex workers fear a Twitter ‘NSFW ban’ is coming in 2020 (updated)
It's unclear what Twitter has in mind.
Police officer reportedly caught on body cam touching dead woman’s breasts
The officer in question is reportedly on leave.
Florida politician allegedly offered teen $50,000 to delete racist video
'How can you say something like that? Aren’t you human?'
‘Bachelorette’ star Tyler Cameron falls for Instagrammer trying to fake his death
'Hey guys, can u guys comment RIP in my most recent pic because i want my gf to think i'm dead.'
Teen goes viral for recording TikTok immediately following car crash
They suffered only minor injuries—and got viral fame.
Josh Brolin says he tried butthole sunning—says ‘don’t do it’
This is why you don’t sun your butthole.