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TSA love note riles more than just one passenger
When one blogger got an encouraging note from a TSA agent, she thought it was funny—at first. But then she thought about it more.
These costumes are a treat
If you're sick and tired of the same ol' Halloween costumes, you might take a trip to Etsy.
Outrage over brutal murder of gay Scottish man
A young gay man was brutally beaten and burned in Scotland and outrage poured in from all over the globe.
Redditors defend and support bullied gay teen
When redditors saw that yet another teen was being bullied online, they took swift action to help him.
Fact or farce: A guide to verifying tweets
Follow these quick and easy steps to tell the difference between hard news and humor on Twitter .
Toy story: Random kindness finds home on Reddit
How random acts of pizza helped feed an entirely new way for redditors to give back. 
The girl with no name
Why the Daily Dot hasn't named that girl in the sex video everyone's tweeting about.
Purple Rain: GLAAD supporters show their colors
Supporters of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) are showing their support online in a shade of purple.
YouTube’s search for ads worth watching
The online-video site is enlisting the TED conference to help it class up the joint.
Twitter-bashed teen now target of unfounded suicide rumors
A girl bashed on Twitter for puportedly giving oral sex to a man is now the subject of suicide rumors.
Sexist or homage—filmmaker focuses on hot chicks at Occupy Wall Street
Filmmaker Steven Greenstreet produces a controversial video that highlights the "hot chicks" at the Occupy Wall Street protest. Oh yeah, and they talk too.  
Why Twitter won’t leave a 14-year-old girl alone
Old rules protecting the identities of minors and sex-crime victims are next to impossible to enforce online.
Chinese toddler’s tragedy sparks rage
Run over twice and ignored by 18 bystanders, two-year-old Yueyue struggles for life as others debate what it means.
Twitter hit by account hijackers
Twitter is scrambling to control an outbreak of account break-ins.
A class-action lawsuit Facebook won’t like
Lawyers are seeking class-action status for a lawsuit that charges Facebook with improperly tracking users across the Web.
If you could meet anyone on Twitter
When asked, "Who do you want to meet?" Twitter is full of answers.
Symbol of the storm, video of covered-bridge collapse in Vermont captivates
A viral video helps a Vermont town rebuild after one of the most devastating floods in state history
Steve Jobs dominated the news—what you may have missed
An analysis shows that different news domimnates the on- and offline worlds.