Naomi Campbell - hazmat suit


Naomi Campbell’s airport hazmat suit is corona-couture

‘This new season of ‘Chernobyl’ on HBO looks hella lit.’


Nahila Bonfiglio


Naomi Campbell is not taking any chances.

With fear of the coronavirus apparently on her mind, Campbell sported a full hazmat suit while visiting the airport Tuesday evening. Photos of the 49-year-old model and actress have been making the rounds online, inspiring copycats, jokes and plenty of memes.

Campbell posted a photo of herself, decked out in a white hazmat suit complete with goggles and a face mask Tuesday evening. She captioned the photo “safety first.”

Soon, more pictures of her in her safety-wear chic began circulating. Photos of the British supermodel striking a pose in her corona-couture were soon all over Twitter.

Fans of Campbell were all over the photos. Some were inspired to try their own hands at a fashion-forward approach to coronavirus safety. “Imma show up at work like this tomorrow,” one person wrote.

Everyone else was inspired in a different way, and memes quickly overtook the comment section. “Pandemic, but make it fashion,” one commenter wrote.

“I’m screaming. Naomi Campbell was BORN ready for this crisis,” another commenter wrote. “She did not come to play with you viral heauxes. KNOW HER.”

Thanks to Campbell, the world is now ready for the season’s newest look—haute hazmat.


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