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Marianne Williamson releases guided meditation to ‘help’ fight coronavirus

Says 'haters are gonna hate this' but people are here for it.


Claire Goforth


Posted on Mar 11, 2020   Updated on Jan 27, 2021, 8:15 am CST

Author Marianne Williamson may have ended her bid for the presidency, but she’s not giving up on “helping” people.

To wit, Williamson has released a coronavirus meditation video. Its aim: calm people down and boost their immune systems by harnessing the mind-body connection.

The 14-minute video is shot in a room that could be an abandoned classroom from the 1970s, complete with wood paneling and cracked plaster. Williamson sits in a high-backed chair speaking into a microphone, looking something like a principal from the era.

She begins on a pleasant, yet defensive note, marveling that’s “it’s hard to believe that in the year 2020 anybody has to defend the notion of the body-mind connection.”

“But there does seem to be some confusion,” she says.

Williamson then gives a disclaimer about the work of physicians, scientists, and politicians.

“I certainly support all of the efforts that need to be made, many of which should already have been made in this country.”

Next, the main event: guided meditation.

“If you can, if you’re home, some place you can do this, take a deep breath and close your eyes,” she says.

She then guides people through a classic meditation visualization exercise. To the uninitiated, this may come across as a description of a psychedelic experience.

Williamson instructs viewers to visualize a golden light. Within it, there’s a beautiful temple, a garden, a body of water, and “the divine physician, the infinite healing power of the mind of god.”

Some will see this as Jesus, some as an angel, some as light, she says. “Whatever you see, whatever is true for you, that’s correct.”

The person imagines themselves lying down as infinite protection, power, light, and love radiates from the divine physician and over them.

Then there are two angels “pouring forth into your head a divine elixir of light.”

“Every cell is filled with healing light…” she says. “Actually see and feel as this light fills every cell of your being.”

Williamson exhaustively details all the places that the light reaches.

“Your breasts, your heart, your thyroid, your hypothalamus, your lung, your pancreas, your liver, your stomach, your cervix, your penis, your vagina, your buttocks, your colon, every cell, every organ, every bone healed, infused with light, with protection, with healing, with healing,” she says.

After offering up prayers for the sick and for miraculous breakthroughs in coronavirus care and prevention, Williamson takes a deep breath, winks and says, “Now, go wash your hands.”

Williamson anticipated mixed responses to the video, tweeting, “[S]poiler alert: the haters are gonna hate this.”

The response was actually nearly universally positive—even on Twitter.

“I really do appreciate that she correlates science and spirituality in a way that is accessible and sensible,” commented one on YouTube. “In the midst of this crisis, a balanced perspective is most welcome.”

“You are the brightest light, Marianne,” tweeted @auntanxiety.

There were a few, of course, who thought she was nuts or at least way off the mark.

“Omg no,” said one. “You’re giving people bait to bash you…consider deleting this.”

Odds are, Williamson isn’t bothered by the negativity. She’s too immersed in golden light to let a few haters get her down.


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*First Published: Mar 11, 2020, 10:29 am CDT